JUICY SHAKERS ANIAB 2 ANIA B Juicy Shakers--13ANIA B Juicy Shakers--11ANIA B JUICY SHAKERS 3 ANIA B Juicy Shakers--12ANIA B Juicy Shakers--4FINALLY got my hands on one of the most highly anticipated beauty products of the summer! the Lancôme Juicy Shakers, for those around long enough to remember they are a nod to the juicy tubes of days past (after a quick google search it seems you can still buy them!). i really hope you will remember those because it will help you get a perspective on what has changed. this new generation of glosses is in fact the perfect marriage of a lip oil and a gloss, the texture is much less sticky than your regular gloss, the tint is subtle but adds a really nice touch of color that can be easily applied on the go. you will still get a nice shine and in some cases even a hint of shimmer, depending on what color you choose. the formula of this product, because oil based, calls for shaking the product before application as to emulsify the oil and the tint. the packaging as a result has to be one of the cutest ways of making it a playful and self explanatory way of using the shakers. because hello! cocktail shaker… summer… lip oil… and fun colors, it just works! depending on where in the world you are, the gloss comes in a variety of different colors in the pink/red/orange ranges, if there was a holy grail of the juicy shakers it would have to be mint to be, the pigment free version that promises to whiten your teeth!!! i know, like you i would be running out the door to get it, sadly that tint is unavailable in canada, but hey, if you happen to be visiting the us or even europe this summer, make sure to grab one for yourself… and one for me! the juicy shakers retail for $28.00 and can be found at all lancôme beauty counters. xoxo


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