20160614-032A1242-Edit 20160614-032A1824-EditPANDORA SUMEMR 6 20160614-032A1925-EditPANDORA SUMMER 120160614-032A1467-Edit 20160614-032A2222-Edit20160614-032A1338-EditPANDORA SUMMER 320160614-032A1807-Editi’m starting to feel the realities of us living in canada with every passing moment, and those include having a summer season that lasts exactly two months IF we’re lucky. it’s coming on the middle of june and i still can’t say that i’ve had a real summer day. everyone around will tell you differently, it seems the sun comes out when we are conveniently away. no matter! PANDORA Jewelry really put a spring in my step when i received the newest PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION pieces collection in my mailbox- thanks PANDORA! maybe because we are fresh from a maritimes adventure, but all that teal makes me think of the ocean water and my mind is thinking nautical everything. the only thing i’m missing is a sail boat, not that it would make any difference because with these new pieces from PANDORA i am transported to the coast already. my favourite part about summer is that it feels light and free. with their .925 sterling silver craftsmanship and the great personalization options at every corner PANDORA really is your summer accessory destination. nothing beats the feeling of being like a kid in a candy store, have fun with your charms and customize your bracelets and necklaces. the poetic droplet rings remind me of mood rings from years past, they bring the nostalgia of childhood and come in beautiful colours to really let your personality shine through. shop the collection at and write your very own summer story *don’t forget to hashtag #PANDORAstyle on social media to stay up to date with all the great promotions and new releases. xoxo

wearing: gap hat, club monaco top & skirt, tory burch sandals

this post was sponsored by PANDORA however the opinions are my own

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