image1-3 i am always down for a good instameet. i think it is so amazing that people from all around the world can connect so closely over a photograph. all of a sudden our pool of friends just got a lot bigger. sure it’s harder to hang out as often, but as adults i think we all know how that usually works out anyway. i was always so jealous of major cities who had a lot of active instagrammers, better even, if they actually wanted to socialize (because we also know how THAT goes sometimes). we seek out an event to go to on every visit to the us. we met some of our favourite people via instagram and even though the platform is getting out of control crowded there is always room to make more friends. i always found that calgary lacked in that understanding of community when it came to social media. believe it or not but i still don’t know a lot of the instagrammers in the city. there is a lot of nature photographers and the impression i get is they think every genre should live in it’s own bubble. truth be told i would love to hang out with those guys, see how they shoot in their element, and see them try to shoot in ours. there is so much to learn and i never like to assume that i know it all.

all that aside we just got the perfect opportunity to connect with the instagram community on the east coast. we are heading back tomorrow and are so excited to be coming to toronto. it’s one of my favourite cities in the world in the summer. gap approached us to see if i wanted to host their FIRST EVER canadian instameet so naturally (read above) i was thrilled to do it. so on june 2nd (in two days!) we are going to meet at the gap queen street store at 6pm and from there head on a photo adventure to one of my favourite shooting spots in the city (can you guess where?). there will naturally be a photo contest, the hashtag to use #FriendsofGap so you can also follow along if you are unable to attend (we will miss you). more details below, CLICK HERE to RSVP! xoxo

when: thursday, june 2, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
where: gap – 375 queen st w, toronto, on

20160525-032A8742-EditGap Instameet20160525-032A9446-Edit 20160525-032A9519-Edit20160525-032A9841-Edit20160525-032A8788-Editwearing: gap denim dress, trench coat, espadrilles and tote

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  1. Totally thought this dress was Eliza Faulkner – beautiful! You should host an Instameet here in Calgary – I feel like instagrammers here would be all about it, it’s just that no one’s gotten around to initiating it. I’d go :D. Haha!

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