20160501-20160501-032A8111 the name of this post will definitely ring two fold for me today as i have to embarrassingly tell you that i have never done laundry… ever. until, of course, a few days ago when we shot this post. snapchat would have already taken you through all the hows and whys (follow @ania_boniecka for all the action before it hits the site) but i will happily divulge all the necessary information once again.

the story begins with me being the daddy’s girl that i will always be, pawning off my dirty laundry on my dad, my boyfriends and now my husband. i guess the appeal of it is lost on me in the time it actually takes to complete. i’m all about instant gratification, there-is-no-time-to-waste kind of attitude. laundry, as i learned just the other day, is quite a time commitment. so let’s blame it on that for now. but everyone always thought it was so endearing that i didn’t know how to wash my own clothes so i just kind of went with it, take a little slack for a lifetime of free laundry? NOT beneath me.

until of course the time came that everyone in my life who was so helpful in the past is now busy, and i have a room (yes, a whole room) full of sand covered clothes from our time at coachella and a realization that i, too, as a full grown adult, could learn how to go about this household task, not to mention knowing how to keep all those investment pieces always feeling fresh. i rolled up my sleeves, grabbed the chicest laundry detergent i could get my hands on (fun fact: tide has actually been the detergent of choice in our household ever since we moved to canada in 1999) and i got to work. nothing pleases me more than having the ability to accomplish something on my own terms. yes, it took me a while but i’m here now! seems pretty logical that a girl who writes about clothes also knows how to wash them.

while i don’t know how long it will take me to actually get a hang of this whole laundry thing, i am glad that tide pods came on the scene. if i knew that laundry was as easy as throwing one of these pre-measured pods into the drum with all your clothes and pressing the start button i might have had a go at it much sooner. ok, maybe i also threw in some downy for added softness, but you get the point. i actually just heard that they are, in fact, better together. using tide pods is extremely easy and their bubble wrap texture also makes them kind of fun. i even dissolved one under running water and ended up with a pair of really soft hands in the process. the added benefit of using tide pods is the ability to bypass your regular dry cleaning trip and deal with all your delicates right at home, saving you time, and money. a lot of those finer fabrics we so quickly write off are, in fact, machine washable, you just have to know how to read the labels (i’m totally guilty of not knowing this and am posting a guide to fabric care symbols at the end of this post assuming i’m not the only one). i threw in a couple of my white, dry-clean-only pieces to test this and was relieved to find that tide pods can deal with those delicate situations like a seasoned pro. i’m talking unaltered and undamaged fabrics that are fresh, clean and ready to wear! adding downy to your laundry helps by protecting the clothes at the fiber level helping to prevent stretching, fading and pilling. think conditioner for your clothes. tide pods come in a variety of different sizes and scents and are good for colours and whites (as per my mother’s specific inquiry) so if you’re not going to call me to do your laundry from now on grab a pack of these and at least have fun while you’re doing it instead! xoxo


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  1. Thuy says:

    THANK YOU for the symbols at the end. I’ve never known what they meant and I’ve been washing clothes for a long time. Thanks, Ania! And I loved the laundry story 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    Ahh Ania !

    Absolutely loved this post , the images, the styling, the product feature was all so well done !! So inspiring and motivating 🙂



  3. Ron says:

    Some truly great content on this internet site, thanks for contribution.

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