20160423-032A0248-Edit-2i know i say this every time but i’m a total sucker for all things shiny and new and every new collection from PANDORA that i get my hands on is my new favorite. we spent our second weekend of coachella hanging out at the PANDORA Jewelry tent with some of our favourite people. as the festivals’ exclusive jewelry sponsor they set up a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. entering the PANDORA tent was nothing short of walking into a fairy tale, walking through a diamond tunnel (that insane backdrop to the photos in this post) led to a cooled down green space resembling a forest out of the brothers grimm, complete with a magical selfie mirror, a bottomless tree filled with beautiful books and lots of seating space in case you needed to catch your breath. once inside you had an opportunity to deck yourself out in PANDORA’s leather bracelets. i could literally have spent hours standing over that counter braiding them. i saw the girls do it over on their snapchat account (PANDORAofficial) and became obsessed – the champagne color looked especially amazing with the added dimensions. i’m a fast learner and soon realized you can also wear them as chokers so i spent the closing hours of the festival with it tied around my neck, the cute american flag heart charm dangling in the front-so coachella! when i was picking my festival looks i was immediately drawn to the americana rock inspired pieces like the starshine stud earrings and rings. for those curious, yes i matched my manicure to the jewellery and it took me a lot of effort to find someone who could actually pull it off. finally i found a girl in VEGAS and even turned to the dark side of gel polish! well worth the sacrifice if you ask me. talking about sacrifice, the moment i had the star studs in my hands i had a brilliant idea of wearing two in one ear, but one hole short i also had to get my ears pierced to complete my look (what better time than the present… now past i guess). i love going all out when the occasion calls for it and my coachella pieces really inspired. get yours at xoxo

wearing: starshine studs + rings, star silver dangle with cubic zirconia, dark blue double leather bracelet, brown double leather bracelet, champagne-colored double leather bracelet (3 x braided)

20160424-032A1528-Edit20160425-032A1851-EditPANDORA HOTEL 20160423-032A0081-Edit 20160423-032A0175-Edit20160423-032A0193-Edit20160423-032A0493-Edit 20160423-032A0927-EditPANDORA DETAILS 20160423-032A1175-EditPANDORA TREE20160422-20160422-20160422-IMG_6490-Edit-Edit 20160423-032A0716-Edit20160423-032A0755-Edit*this trip and post was sponsored by PANDORA, however all opinions are my own*

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  1. Love your commitment to a look – going so far as to get an extra piercing! Would love to see the double star earrings up close :).

  2. Lydia says:

    ahh I love your shoes and every picture looks so pretty!! Thanks for the gorgeous pictures to look at!

  3. Nice girl, i like your post

  4. Where do these jewelery buy?

  5. Your Pandora bracelet is very beautiful! Where can I buy?

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