20160417-032A9594-Edit-2what a crazy whirlwind of a week. i am still recovering from my very first coachella weekend. we rarely ever get to rest between projects so that recovery time is quite short. finding sand in my bags a week later though, really helps to take me back and of course dumping this giant post of photos on you will also do the trick. there is a story to tell and so much to show you. if you don’t have snapchat and are unable to live these experiences with us as they happen this is a great alternative.

we were invited to experience the first weekend of the festival with h&m and their global team which meant we also got to hang out with bloggers from all around the world, poland included (!!). you can read all about our individual experiences in the h&m magazine HERE. you of course already knew that i was going to the festival because of our h&m loves coachella collaboration earlier in the month (still some of our favourite photos to date) but being at the grounds really made it all so much more real. you read about it in magazines and follow along on social media and always have that #fomo feeling deep down in your stomach. i was beyond excited that we finally made our way to coachella!

of course i did a lot of dancing, whipping my hair and eating for a village. only having wayhome as reference, the festival itself was pretty much what i had already seen, making it different from what i was expecting, but definitely NOT disappointing. crowds of stylish people, wicked bands, pool parties, it for sure has it’s own unique atmosphere. surprisingly we ran into a LOT of people, friends from la, friends from home, friends of friends and readers of the blog, i say surprisingly because for an attendance of 100,000 it seem unlikely but yet we have pictures to prove it. i had accomplished what i set out to do, we saw miami horror and grimes perform live, we even caught shows we weren’t planning on seeing but one of my favorites was major lazer, still buzzing from that set.

h&m was with us every step of the way and was i ever glad for the h&m loves coachella collection. perfectly designed for the festival, weather conditions and so easy to mix and match. even if you didn’t shop for your festival looks before you came you had plenty of opportunity to do it on site. you made your selection on one of the stationed ipads and by the time you got to the till to pay your order was ready. as you walked away with your purchase packed away in the exclusive h&m loves coachella string backpack you could confidently deem this experience better than online shopping.

one of the weekend’s highlights i could have never predicted. meeting the polish blogger julia, her boyfriend czarek, and justyna from h&m poland was very enlightening, it inspired me to get back into speaking and writing in my native language and engaging with the polish audience. you will notice i will now write in both english and polish on my instagram and even throw in some polish snaps here and there (follow @ania_boniecka). i’m totally feeling this re-connection with my polish roots, with an upcoming trip to warsaw i am super excited to test the limits of what this whole internet thing is about! stay tuned. xoxo

wearing: h&m loves coachella collection, michael kors bag, coach backpack, ivy kirzhner sandals

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  1. Oh man, this looks like heaps of fun! Thank goodness the sun is shining here today or the FOMO would be overwhelming. Haha!

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