Ania Revlon Beauty--17 Ania Revlon Beauty--14 the perfect makeup is the one that makes you feel like it’s barely there. i love waking up in the morning and having a minimal routine but if i can’t have a no-makup makeup look then at least i need to feel like the makeup i am wearing allows my skin to breathe and isn’t suffocating. enter revlon’s color stay 2-in-1, the compact foundation and concealer combo is going to save you space AND it’s actually an amazing product i can stand fully behind and will keep in my arsenal of tricks. this color stay 2-in-1 could not have possibly come at a better time. the entire three weeks we just spent in toronto i was frantically trying to find a good foundation. i left my go-to foundation at home and what better time to try and test new product than when you actually need it. foundation is not cheap, and to dive into lower priced brand makeup is always a gamble. it’s important for me to have at least tried and tested the product before i commit to buying the full size version. the idea of returning makeup is weird and very new to me so i feel like when i buy i am stuck with it. i also tried several high priced brands and was not happy with any of them. one was so thick it literally felt like applying paint (read above about foundation letting your skin breathe…), the other was too oily, it literally lasted less than two hours before it started crusting off my face and yet another didn’t have enough coverage (think tinted moisturizer consistency, no thank you). not only did the color stay 2-in-1 exceed all my expectations in those departments but it is my new replacement to the usual glass bottle i’ve travelled with in the past. the two shades i tested are buff (no. 150) and sand beige (no. 180). sand beige was the one i ended up going with but i was actually surprised how well both of them worked for my skin color. i have a lot of yellow undertones and any pink pigment shows on my skin immediately, for that reason i have to be really picky with the shades i use. the concealer matches perfectly and has a demi-matte finish which is great for the under eye area. and look closely because the compact comes with a built in mirror and an applicator for touch-ups on the go, makeup gods have been good to us!

Ania Revlon Beauty--9Revlon Group spring is coming and it’s the perfect time to play with a more natural look, minimal eye and bold lip are the perfect way to freshen things up. i finished off this look with the new revlon ultra hd matte lip color. i’m a big fan of liquid lipsticks and this wax-free moisturizing formula glides on super smoothly, smells delicious and is packaged perfectly to fit into any bag or pocket of your choosing. the two colours pictured are passion (red) and devotion (pink). i generally stay away from lip color mostly because it dehydrates my lips. i do have thin lips, and it’s so rare to come across a product that will make them feel (+ look) plump and full. well guess what, a picture is worth a thousand words and just look at those smiles! xoxo

Ania Revlon Beauty--15 REVLON SWATCHAnia Revlon Beauty--6this post was brought to you by Revlon, but the images and opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the styling of this shoot – the rose petals and straw hat make it extra special :).

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