AniaB Canada Goose Tofino--22 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-2-10completely inspired and fully recharged are just some of the ways i would describe feeling after getting back from yet another epic adventure with canada goose (see our montana getaway this past october). i can now confidently say that these trips have become some of my most looked forward to of all the travel we get to do. i think the photos give you a good idea why that may be, but really there is so much more to it. the people really help shape the entire experience. those returning from previous trips have now become familiar faces and we could not be happier to see them. i don’t even have to mention the canada goose team (though i will), who are some of our favourite people and have become like a little family (hey guys! <3). enough with the pleasantries though, let’s get to the trip! the last time we were in tofino we were shooting bikinis in april so it’s safe to say this was quite a different experience. this trip surely put all of that in perspective.

tyler and i were in two different places so i met with the whole group in vancouver and then he joined us from victoria later that day. taking the seaplane was an adventure in and of itself, the flight almost didn’t make it out of the harbour because of some cloud cover on the island, lucky for us it quickly blew over and we were on our way. something about flying low (er) to the ground and over water makes you feel so much safer and lets you really enjoy the sensation of flying. after taking a million photos of landscapes we landed in tofino and made our way to wickaninnish inn, one of the more popular places on the coast judging from our conversations with people before leaving. for good reason too, the views from those hotel room windows seemed almost fake. we checked, they weren’t. our spring 2016 canada goose gear was waiting for us in the room and we quickly switched into adventure mode. the biggest novelty was actually being right here at home in canada, throwing around random facts to our u.s. neighbours felt like for once we knew what we’re talking about.

the whale watching trip we took first thing the next morning had me thinking of possible escape routes in an event that the boat capsizes, not a crazy thought, by the way, considering we were basically on the open seas. we spotted a few groups of grey whales and even caught a glimpse of a cute little otter chilling in the water. the hightlight of the trip was our helicopter rides to ‘a glacier’. our turn arrived and we took off from the tofino airport heading straight for the mountains, and what views! BREATHTAKING. this was my first time in a helicopter and the feeling proved to be totally different from being inside of an airplane, in fact, how can i get one?! i can’t tell you how thrilled i was for our canada goose jackets when we landed by a frozen lake surrounded by deep snow, not only did we really put these babies to the test but when the sun started going down and our helicopter failed to start (!!) we didn’t really think twice about it. adventure was what we were seeking and it was staring us right in the face. when the rescue team (this is what i choose to call the guy in the helicopter who came to get us from the other side of the island) came to pick us up it was too late for any of the other groups to get their turn. we literally ruined it for everyone. on the bright side we had all that extra time with the chopper to snap selfies and outfit photos. they still got to go the next day.

the trip ended with a beautiful hike through one of bc’s amazing forests. taking in more spectacular views we even managed to get a group shot (a rarity among style bloggers). loved the overall field trip vibe we had going. obviously no trip to the island could be complete without a stop at tacofino. after swallowing two tuna tataki tacos and ordering a crispy chicken burrito to go (a local recommendation), bellies full we had to say goodbye to our amazing time in tofino. half of the fun was of course working closely with the jackets, wearing them in their optimal conditions of changing weather, lots of water and obviously great company. i really appreciated all the bright colours to offset those gloomy west coast days. scroll through for more pics, visit my facebook page for even more, watch the video below to see it all in motion and shop the canada goose spring collection online now.

wearing: canada goose hayward shell in yellow, canada goose brookvale hoodie in red & blue, hunter boots (via little burgundy shoes)

AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-1969 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-1976 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-2018 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-9706 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino--47 Canada Goose Wickaninnish Inn Dinner AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-02630 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-9976 Whale Watching Tofino 2 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino--11 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino--19 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-0273 Helicopter Ride Tofino 3AniaB Canada Goose Tofino--9 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino--8 Wickaninnish Inn Torfino 4 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino--26 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-2-6 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino--27 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-2-5AniaB Canada Goose Tofino--34 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-2-8 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-2-13 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-6359 Tofino Rainforest 2 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino--43 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-6701 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-6946 AniaB Canada Goose Tofino-2040

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  1. Lopez says:


  2. Anastassiya says:

    what a beautiful post! I think this is my favourite with you in nature {:

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time! The yellow raincoat outfit just speaks to me! 😉 Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Lindsey

  4. Kelly B. says:

    Absolutely STUNNING photos of a beautiful part of Canada! Thank you for sharing. You look gorgeous, as always. xx


  5. I love how the playful colours and vibe you exude mix with the moody, somber landscapes of the west coast. Great post!

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  7. Eva says:

    Tofino is so beautiful – I think I was there around the same time – great photos!

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