Ania B Cluse 37--18Ania B Cluse 37--15CLUSE-DYPTIQUE-1-B Ania B Cluse 37--2Ania B Cluse 37--6 Ania B Cluse 37--8CLUSE-DYPTIQUE-2-BAnia B Cluse 37-7268Ania B Cluse 37--12 Ania B Cluse 37--10if i am going to wake up everyday before 7 am, as it is inevitably been happening as of lately, i might as well do it in good company. loved seeing cluse at project in vegas this february. i immediately fell in love with the selection of watches (girls only!) and begun to make my wishlist. the one problem with seeing fall/winter selections is that you have to wait another few months for deliveries but don’t despair. there is a site full of beautiful pieces to chose from, visit and keep your watch collection growing (minuit here i come). our morning adventure doesn’t stop there, to go with the perfect watch is the perfect breakfast place, newly opened alforno bakery in calgary gave us plenty of inspiration and room to play. with their beautifully designed interiors, marble side tables, perfect natural (and overhead) lighting we might as well have been on a set sponsored by instagram. the only problem is that at 7am we are still waiting for that light. take a seat by the fireplace, order coffee, some breakfast, you have a beautiful watch to check the time and all of a sudden waiting doesn’t seem so bad. xoxo

wearing: cluse la bohéme watch, ted baker sweater and trousers, dolce & gabbana sicily bag

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  1. Thuy says:

    Love your outfit and that the top you chose brightens up the outfit. Sleek and chic.

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