Ania B Express -21Ania B Express -24Ania B Express -10Ania B Express -3Ania B ExpressAnia B Express -14Ania B Express -28Ania B Express -11Ania B Express -12so valentine’s day. i hear it’s quite a big deal. boys running around buying boxes of chocolates, flowers and stuffed animals and girls racking their brains with what outfit they should be wearing for the occasion. you could go with something red, but this time of year being all about chinese new year it can get a bit much. you could also go for something girly, ruffles seem to go with the territory, but you need to feel comfortable and not like a freshly picked flower (who wouldn’t want to feel like a garden rose?). it seems like i always meet this whole date outfit conundrum with a bit of an attitude, because i refuse to dress for anyone but myself. if i feel like it’s not right it’s just not going to happen. body conscious dresses don’t agree with me (a girl’s gotta eat!) so i have to get creative. for my february express outfit i found this great fringe skirt, it’s black satin so i’m definitely saving it for an evening date, but i don’t want it to feel too sexy (that’s just how i roll) so i pair it with a button down blouse, i go with baby blue because white is too office-y and red is too obvious. love myself the mini tassel bucket bag that i can take from day to night + it actually holds more than i expected. finish it off with a pair of thigh highs. for winter, in case you missed the memo, these are the only boots you need, get them in flats, heels and different colours and fabrics, you are going to put them to good use, trust me. speaking of which, though, seriously can’t wait for winter to be over. i went home for a few days for work and seeing sunshine for the first time in two weeks has my body screaming for vitamin d. i’m just not cut out for such hardships. xoxo

wearing: express skirt, blouse + bag, stuart weitzman boots

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  1. Lopez says:

    very gaucho

  2. SANČI says:

    Gorgeous! I love that you stay on the unconventional side. xo

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