Ania B Gap Fit-6 gap fit 4it’s 3:30am and i can’t sleep. i landed back home just hours prior and already excited to see the morning light. it ends up being the longest day but somehow i pull through, in large part, no less, because of the amazing start that i have with gapfit + cam lee, one of vancouver’s finest yogis and our instructor for the morning. up before anyone else i head to chinook centre to join some of my favourite calgary bloggers and influencers for an early morning yoga session. rumour has it that you are at your most productive before lunch (it’s all downhill from there), so i’m excited. indeed early days feels longer, you feel more energetic, you can even catch up on all your work in that sweet hours before the whole world around you is still waking up.

i’m alway up for promoting healthy lifestyles and working out before i start my day is high on that priority list. i love the gapfit answer to workout gear and getting us all motivated out of bed and onto those mats. every season the collection offers something new and innovative to lust over. i am loving the bright colours and exposed elastic bands. our ‘uniforms’ for the class were some my favourite sets for spring yet, lots of bold colours and patterns that are sure to take you out of your all-black-workout-gear rut. i am of course talking about myself here. i was also excited to finally see photos of myself actually doing yoga. we all THINK we have impeccable form… looks like i might have a couple solid poses down (insert side glance emoji), but there is still a long way to go to following through with the full chatteranga. baby steps and deep breaths. thank you gap for having our backs. xoxo

wearing: gfast trainer leggingsmedium impact strappy sports bra+ check out the entire collection online

Ania B Gap Fit-48 Ania B Gap Fit-30 Ania B Gap Fit-47Ania B Gap Fit-25 Ania B Gap Fit-22 Ania B Gap Fit-34gap yogaAnia B Gap Fit-46 Ania B Gap Fit-38 Ania B Gap Fit-50Ania B Gap Fit-23our yyc morning workout crew (clockwise from bottom left): joanna (the sweat style), kait (the archives of cool), jason (the style guys), katrina (katrina olson), brandy (cashmere & camo), melanie (born lippy), brittany (life set sail), andrew (yyc cycle), cam (cam lee yoga) & me

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  1. This looks like such a great time! I love yoga and you ladies, so was so sad I couldn’t make it :(. Next time! xo

  2. hi, thanks for the info i love your website,i have add it to my favorites so you have a another follower lol.. i hope you like mine website as well… thanks

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