Ania B Getty Center-7 Ania B Getty Center-4Ania B Getty Center Strathberry 1Ania B Getty Center-16 Ania B Getty Center-10Ania B Getty Center-19 Ania B Getty Center Strathberry 3Ania B Getty Center-17Ania B Getty Center-29Ania B Getty Center-9Ania B Getty Center-26 Ania B Getty Center-30ok, i get it, i get it, vacation is over. you can’t blame me for trying to extend it for as long as i possibly could. one look at my instagram account from the last two weeks will give you a quick glimpse into what i was leaving behind. so no wonder then, that i went into post holiday hibernation for a few extra days. to be quite honest i am also mentally preparing myself for the upcoming six weeks away from home, marking it the longest yet. we are looking at le tour de america, we’re talking, toronto, montréal, new york, vegas, palm springs and la. so grateful to be able to spend time with my friends and peers on the east coast.

but before we take off i still have lots of amazing posts coming your way from our past travels. i am particularly excited to share these images from the getty center. we’ve been to the museum numerous times on our la visits but always too mesmerized i wanted to make sure to shoot it with the perfect outfit. when i laid eyes on my first strathberry tote i knew immediately where i wanted to shoot it. it is hands down one of my favourite finds of this past year and up there with my favourite designer handbags. things really fell into place when i found this barbell a.l.c dress at nordstrom. i couldn’t think of the more perfect setting. i am full on obsessed with the getty center. look at those clean lines, all that white, the sadstone, the design, the endless staircases. it is as relevant today as it was in 1989 when the construction started on the facility. no matter what decade, everything about the getty center screams future. fun little tidbit then to find out that one of the latest star trek movies were filmed on the property. rightly so. and these photos perfectly fit as the first post of 2016. now the one thing still in the air is how on earth will i pack for the upcoming trip? wish me luck. xoxo

wearing: strathberry midi tote, a.l.c dress, stuart weitzman lowland boots

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  1. Spectacular images! If this is setting the tone for the coming year on your blog, I am very, very excited!
    xo Anneke

  2. Trendy and futuristic colection for the winter!

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