PANDORA Whistler-50 PANDORA Whistler-54PANDORA Whistler Storebefore we escape the cold for good this year we got the perfect dose of canada’s winter wonderland in whistler. it was a last minute getaway to catch the remaining days of whistler film festival with our friends at PANDORA jewelry. as one of the main sponsors of the event, every year PANDORA sponsors the tribute, last year the honour went to kim cattrall, this year it was kiefer sutherland who premiered his newest film, forsaken. with the newest PANDORA holiday collections out now it was really the most perfect setting to be seeing the PANDORA name everywhere we went. the PANDORA store is right on the main pedestrian stretch so naturally it was the first spot we hit after checking into our hotel.

the weather was a little bitter sweet, we were definitely prepared for the cold but failed to waterproof ourselves. so used to the dry winters in alberta we didn’t think that wet snow would soak us as fast as it did. thankfully after getting on the gondola to attend the VIP ski challenge prize giveaway, we were greeted with much needed hot soup and some creative company. it was such a treat meeting canadian actors, producers and film makers who are putting us on the cultural map. and you guessed it, PANDORA awarded the winning teams and individuals, for both slowest and fastest times down the slopes with winter themed bracelets in .925 sterling silver, because we know it’s all in good fun. part of the appeal of being in whistler for the festival is seeing all the talent let loose and enjoy themselves away from the big city, the bombardment of media and the constant race to the top. a week away in the canadian rockies, taking in the great outdoors and connecting with yourself and your peers is just what the doctor ordered after months of hard work.

in the evening we took in a delectable dinner at the rim rock cafe, don’t be fooled by the name, this restaurant is anything but casual. the food is as hearty as it is beautiful. the feeling of being in a mountain cabin eating a luxe meal after the day on the mountain really takes you away to a different place. after dinner, there was one thing left to do – catch a movie. it wouldn’t be a trip to a film festival without seeing at least one film. we picked the legend of barney thompson, a robert carlyle comedy (you can see the trailer here) and for that true intimate film festival experience the director and the writers did a q&a after the credits, a double treat, really, because robert carlyle also played the starring role. the role PANDORA in turn plays in all this? their commercials opening each of the films (starring our close friend yvonne chapman may i add) and sponsoring the PANDORA audience choice award ballot boxes at the end of each movie. have your favourite? simply drop your ticket into the box of the movie you just watched (and loved) to vote.

it was the perfect getaway and a perfect way to be reminded how blessed we are to be living in such a beautiful place. thank you PANDORA for making it the stylish experience that it was and all of you who are looking for that perfect holiday sparkle, or even for an extra dose of holiday spirit make sure to check out the PANDORA holiday collection here and learn more about it here. xoxo

wearing: canada goose parka, gap sweater, paige denim jeans, stuart weitzman lowland boots

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