AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-12 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-9 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-11AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-2 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-4 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-6 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-8 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-31 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-16 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-15 amex x pigeonhole dinner 32 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-29 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-19 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-21 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-23 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-24 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-26 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-25 Amex x Pigeonhole Dinner 33 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-28 AMEX x PIGEONHOLE Dinner-5starting october 26th, American Express Canada opened its doors to all canadians to give them an opportunity to experience the cardmember benefits that so many canadians are already taking advantage of. the perks that come with being part of the Amex family include early access to the best in entertainment and dining, a pre-screening of the hunger games: mockingjay part 2 before it hit theatres, and a chance to eat at one of canada’s best new restaurants; all of which were on the menu in the past month alone! in calgary, Pigeonhole took the top spot on the highly covetable list of canada’s top restaurants as determined by air canada enRoute Magazine. and with Amex as a sponsor, we were able to get a taste of what it would be like to be an Amex cardmember by attending an exclusive dining event at the restaurant. we all know calgary has the best food scene in canada, but thanks to enRoute’s latest list, the rest of the country is in the loop now!

the evening was a perfect indulgence of all of Pigeonhole’s already famous dishes and then some. the food kept on coming and the wine kept on flowing. not only was this a perfect date but also a great way to spend time with some friends and catch up over delicious eats. to help facilitate the ice breaking conversations, we were all greeted with sparkling wine to start off our night. yes please! we enjoyed three courses of hearty, and at times unexpected dishes which were passed around the chef’s table and finished off with the sweetest desserts. some of the dishes i sampled included driview lamb tartar with burnt onion, goat’s butter and spicy greens, fresh oysters, grilled duck leg and everyone’s favourite, charred cabbage. but for me, it was the halloumi cheese that stole the show. i’m no food writer so to tell you that it was a delicious mozzarella like, chewy slice of goodness at every bite is the best that i can do, but seriously, obsessed!

American Express Invites opens the door to memorable experiences you’ll love. whether it’s a table at the restaurant everyone is talking about, a ticket to some of the hottest concerts or a chance to reserve a seat at a big blockbuster show, Amex offers something you’re sure to love! to learn more about upcoming Amex events, visit to be in the know! xoxo

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  1. Elise says:

    I need this dress!

  2. I love how you and Tyler were able to make Pigeonhole look like a completely different, but equally amazing restaurant in the two event posts you’ve done there recently. I love these photos and think the ones of you and Melanie giggling are so cute!

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