ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-5 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-33 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-42 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-41 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-44 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-40 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-1ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-45 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-46 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-48 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-36 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-4ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-37 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-50 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-51 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-52ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-58 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-3ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-54 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-60 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-55ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-61 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-62 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-63ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-2 ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-38ANiA B Birchbox Event Calgary-6just this past monday, and perfectly in time for the holidays we welcomed birchbox to the wild west. as you may have remembered i hosted a customer night with birchbox in toronto just a few months back (it feels like forever!) and we had such a great time we decided to do it again but this time right here at home. fun fact: birchbox canada has quite the fan base here in the prairies, calgary holding the number two spot for most canadian orders! me thinks it has something to do with the dry winters and the love for skin care perhaps? we took to our newest local obsession, pigeonhole and got together with a group of our favourite bloggers and influencers to celebrate birchbox in yyc, we laughed, we cried, we had amazing conversation, lots of wine, and that mouth watering cabbage! all the girls walked away with the december boxes filled with holiday goodness and some full sized products to try at home, some of my favorites included the LOC ultimate collection, think all your eye shadow and lipstick color essentials, and the bkr glass water bottle, i have three of them already and bring them with me everywhere i go. they comes in the cutest colours that can pass as girly or minimalist. there is no better way to get the most inside scoop of what’s hot in beauty and lifestyle than to stay connected to all that birchbox has to offer. with the upcoming holidays (and today’s insane black friday deals) it’s the perfect time to get subscribing, for yourself or a loved one and try it out for yourself. i promise you won’t regret it. you can chose from a number of different gifting options from 3 months to a full year depending on your budget and you can also choose the timing of your gift. it’s perfect to plan for upcoming birthdays that you forget about all the time, but you didn’t hear it from me 😉 stay tuned for my holiday beauty looks and a special birchbox holiday gift guide coming to the blog next week. xoxo

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  1. Such a fun night with great company and delicious food! Thank you for making it happen :).

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