20151028-118A2512-Edit20151027-118A134420151027-118A1923 herbal essences naked20151027-118A1439-Edit20151028-118A2394-Edit20151027-118A1292-Edit 20151028-118A2701-Editas someone who has put her hair through the wringer over the years i have used every and any product imaginable in an effort to treat, hydrate and maintain my hair. no matter how many different brands and products i use i always come back to the classics. easily accessible and always reliable herbal essences is on the list of my most used products. i still remember the commercials, throwing women into ecstasy while shampooing their hair. i remember friends dressing up for halloween as the herbal essences girls. these are the products i will use time and time again because they are easy to find, affordable and always deliver what they promise. with the newly expanded naked line there are three collections to explore, the naked volume, naked moisture and naked shine. depending on your concerns you can chose your favourite or mix and match.

my go-to’s are the moisture shampoo and moisture conditioner followed by the finishing products from the volume collection: the volumizing soufflé and flexible hold spritzer for adding texture and styling, and dry shampoo for second and third day oil absorption and maintenance. the line is free of heavy residues, parabens and dyes and the products are infused with mossa mint oil extracts, leaving hair feeling revitalized, refreshed and smelling great even days after washing; each strand awakened for hair that’s nakedly soft.

it’s not a secret that the way we start our day is the way we will feel until we go to bed. out of 1000 women ages 18-35 in canada, 87% agreed that an enjoyable morning shower transforms their day and after an enjoyable shower experience they feel relaxed and attractive. better yet more than half think it would be worse to skip a shower than to skip breakfast. i will have to agree. because i love the feeling of freshly blown out, voluminous hair i am all about the morning shower routine. sometimes it’s a challenge, i like to get as much sleep in the morning as i can but on the other hand going to bed with damp hair really messes with the perfect hair day the next morning. enter the naked dry shampoo, my favourite product yet. the spray shampoo transforms my oily hair into fresh, touchable hair with a natural tapioca formula that instantly absorbs excess oil and gives it lift and texture, all paraben, dye and residue free. it’s easy to style and if possible, even better on the second day. i can get away with washing my hair much less often and never sacrificing it’s freshness, making my morning routine that much more relaxing and easy to follow, and when i’m lucky, it even leaves time for a bubble bath. xoxo

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  1. So true – I recently moved my exercise and shower routine to first thing in the morning and it has changed my entire state of mind. There’s something about a shower that inspires fresh starts!

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