20151104-032A6564-Edit Hotel Tonight 1it’s true, there is no place like home. better yet there is no place like home on a staycation. after travelling there is really nothing better than taking some downtime and relaxing. i don’t know about you but living out of the same suitcase can get pretty old after three to four weeks of being away. there is really nothing like having access to your favourite things exactly when you need them. we are creatures of comfort, what else is there to say? last week we took some time to focus our attention on getting some well deserved r&r and we downloaded the last-minute booking app hotel tonight to help us. the process was easier than online shopping, the selection user friendly and the choice obvious. calgary’s hotel le germain was the clear winner and the price, literally booked the night before, was impossible to beat. you can use the app to get amazing insider deals at the best hotels. and you get a discount code to share with your friends for an additional $25 off your next booking. interested? it’s ABONIECKA and it’s yours for the taking. they have the best hotels all around the world so you don’t have to limit yourself to calgary. hotel tonight has deals on rooms up to a week before booking. on a backpacking trip around europe and you want to treat yourself to a bubble bath and a spa on your last day? this app will change your outlook on luxury travel… ok and maybe spoil you rotten, but hey, we all deserve to treat ourselves a little. download the hotel tonight app to your mobile device now, you can thank me later.

as for our stay at le germain? i’ve actually attended many events inside the walls of this hotel and i always wanted to experience what it would be like to stay here as a guest, now i finally know. we walked into our room and were immediately greeted by the view of centre street and the bow building. everything ready for our arrival i quickly changed, grabbed an apple and a water and headed up the fitness centre which has a pretty spectacular view on it’s own. we saw the full 360. the service was more than lovely, everyone got to know us pretty quickly. not a lot of fuss and very efficient at checking-in, our room was ready earlier than we anticipated (we still took a chance and showed up three hours ahead of schedule… because there are no daylight hours to waste in the winter time). headed for a late lunch at the famous charcut, and if you haven’t tried their lunch menu it’s a must, all the way down to their cookies. yum! those guys know how to prepare their meat. my favourite part about staying right here at home? you know everyone! what a treat to be able to run into connie and john and fit in a chat before we went back upstairs for the most epic bath ever! if you look closely at the photos you will notice the water coming down from the ceiling! the weirdest/coolest thing i’ve seen in a hotel by far. oh and did i mention the turn down service? iced water and a le germain branded chocolate waiting by the bedside. too cute! to end the night we had my mum over for some tea, showed off the beautiful accommodations and went to bed… early! because we totally deserved it! xoxo

wearing: ashley b coat, wilfred sweater dress, stuart weitzman lowland boots, lululemon bra and pants, herschel luggage

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  1. Stunning photography as usual! I love the lifestyle feel of this post – how you’ve mixed fashion with food and design. Refreshing and inspiring :).

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