20151013-032A7231-Edit 20151013-032A6706-Edit 20151014-032A9094-Edit 20151013-032A8472-Edit pink 20151012-032A6081-Edit 20151012-032A5917-Edit 20151014-032A9123-Edit 20151013-032A7920-Edit20151013-032A7167-Edit let me introduce you to your new best friend, meet sentaler, the brand behind THE softest and most luxurious coats you will have the pleasure of owning. the secret behind these amazing coats is alpaca. from baby alpaca to suri alpaca there are endless combinations of cuts and colors so the coat you choose is truly one of a kind. wrap coats, hooded coats, long coats, ponchos, fur collars, wide collars, hats and scarves this will be your one stop shop this winter season. you may remember my post from our last visit to toronto and my very first sentaler coat. still obsessing over how soft the fabric feels, that coat travelled with us all the way to paris and back and you will be seeing a lot more of it come colder temperatures. what i love about the whole collection, besides of course being insanely instagrammable, is the unexpected colors. pastels are king, with some beautifully selected blacks, greys and camels, of course, to tie it all together. and how do i choose my favourite? i can’t. in fact my christmas wish-list is getting a little out of hand. let’s backtrack a little and let me also introduce you to the woman behind the brand, bojana sentaler. bojana’s eastern european roots lend themselves to the knowledge of fine fabrics and well crafted, classic designs. she is based in toronto. you can find the coats at holt renfrew and her online shop. you’re about to see a lot more of these next week at toronto fashion week, you won’t be able to miss them. xoxo

wearing: long wide collar wrap coat, long coat with baby alpaca fur collar, shawl collar poncho wrap, hooded wrap coat

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  1. These are so beautiful Ania! I especially love the grey one with the fur collar.

  2. Love these coats! Especially the pink one

  3. Elise says:

    These might be the best jackets ever!

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