Ania B Express October-2 Ania B Express October-1 Ania B Express October-16 Ania B Express October-21 Ania B Express October-13Ania B Express October-10 Ania B Express October-15 Ania B Express October-6 Ania B Express October-7 Ania B Express October-9 Ania B Express October-4Ania B Express October-17i can’t tell you how much i love being back home, there is really no landscape like this anywhere in the world. there really is something to be said for knowing a place like the back of your hand. it may also have something to do with the fact that there really only is one wild west. fall is well under way and we have so much still to show you. you can expect a surge of posts in the next few weeks as we catch up to our time away in europe and start gearing up for toronto fashion week. of course you can always follow all the action live on instagram (@aniab) and snapchat (@ania_boniecka).

what i’ve been focusing on with my wardrobe planning for the next few months are sweaters. we get really lucky in the winter and weather often allows to layer lightly but that doesn’t change the fact that i am of the cold blooded kind and i could never have enough knitwear. when it came to plan my october outfit with express and i saw their selection of ponchos i immediately thought of our vast open spaces and tall grassy fields, cowboys don’t hide from cold weather and just because summer is over doesn’t mean i will be hanging up my cowboy hat. i am committing to it all year round. after all when i see the runways rocking western wear i have to take advantage. i loved the selection of basic sweater turtlenecks as well, ribbed was never my jam but as the 70’s rolled back into our lives i am more and more into it and as i say, try everything at least once (otherwise how do you really know). make sure to check out all their sweaters, ponchos and oversized blanket scarves to get a heads up on winter. oh yes, and go watch ‘a fistful of dollars’ for some added inspiration. xoxo

wearing: poncho, sweater, leggings & necklace, all from express

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  1. Your work in the wilderness gets me every time! You can tell it’s home. It’s too bad the chinook skies are unpredictable, as they are my favourite Alberta backdrop by far. Would love to see you two capture it one day.
    xo Anneke

    p.s. thanks for the Clint Eastwood eye candy ;).

  2. karolina says:

    really beautiful and peaceful shoots!

  3. Elise says:

    Needing a poncho now!

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