20150911-032A7244 20150911-032A6690 20150911-032A6729 20150911-032A6771-Edit 20150911-032A6672 20150911-032A6739 20150911-032A6748 20150911-032A7042 20150911-032A6980-Edit 20150911-032A6721 20150911-032A6659new york fashion week saw the release of yet another luxury item for us to lust over, the new chanel boy.friend watch (note it is not boyfriend but boy.friend) and we were there to see it, try it and play in the playground that is the world of chanel. housed in new york’s meatpacking district the pop-up was open to public for viewing. the watch is not an update, per say to the already existing premiere, but rather taking the watch into ‘masculine territory’. the watch is available in 18K gold or white gold, with or without diamond encrusted framing. you have an option of two sizes, medium and large, the latter also contains manually swiss-wound mechanical movement with a smaller, second dial. the medium watch is quartz operated with a small date window. the campaign playing through the presentation offers us a look into the life with the boy.friend. always on time, with you and causing zero drama. maybe not a substitute but a companion just as well. the original premiere design is also still there, mimicking the aerial shape of place vedôme here in paris as well at the bottle cap of chanel no. 5 perfume (how fittingly romantic!). now the real question remains, which strap color goes the best with your outfit? learn more about the collection here. xoxo

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  1. Elise says:

    It looks perfect on you. 🙂

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