20150910-032A6356-Edit 20150910-032A6025-Edit-2 20150910-032A6110-Edit 20150910-032A6395 20150910-032A6069-Edit 20150910-032A615820150910-032A5263we are finally getting to it! i know i know, you may have seen these all already, on instagram,, other blogs etc etc. but let us offer our own point of view, literally. seating +3 rows away from the front with lots of heads in the way but yet the experience is just as exciting. no matter how many people tell you that going to fashion week is exhausting or boring they have either done it for far too long or they have never done it at all. that’s the truth. no matter how many times i say that the experience is exhausting and i don’t know why we do it time and time again, the feeling you get walking into the show venue, getting past the guest check list and seating yourself to be one of the first people to view next seasons trends, that feeling is exhilarating, actual adrenaline inducing. i’ve experienced it all from back to front and it never gets old. our first show of the season, as it usually is, was bcbg max azria. it is always the one that sets the mood for the rest of the week and it never disappoints. i’m already a huge fan of bcbg, and always dream of the extended runway collection for us in canada. as always this one was no exception, even more so because the vibes were all about la. lubov confirmed that the collection is staying home for the season and nothing better to give off that cool, surfer la vibe than the bucket hats walking down the runway, model after model anonymous thanks to the patchwork headgear. long time on that train with an all denim one i bought a few months back i now got the validation i needed to justify it for our next trip to california. tie dye is making a comeback as well as general loose silhouettes and pattern on pattern action. to set the tone of this years fashion week would be an understatement for this show. as you will see coming up, next season is taking us all where the palm trees grow. for the full bcbg max azria collection click here. xoxo

wearing: moschino t-shirt, bcbg jeans, mona sultan bandana, zara boots

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  1. Elise says:

    That t-shirt is epic! Such a good fashion week statement.

  2. I don’t care where you two get seated – you’ve always got my favourite vantage point of any event! Also, love how short your bob is here :).

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