20150920-032A8931-Edit20150920-032A9065-Edit-2 20150920-032A9163-Edit20150920-032A9779-Edit20150920-032A905420150920-032A9215-Edit20150920-032A9753-Edit20150920-032A9622-Edit20150920-032A9414-Edit 20150920-032A8759-Editthis post is long time coming. why? because i have worn these misha nonoo heels literally everywhere i went this fashion month. i live in flats that’s true but an occasion always arises and i found myself in need of a good pair of pumps. luckily for me aldo came to my rescue. the always favourite aldo rise has collaborated yet again with misha nonoo, this fashion week in new york they presented their third collection, going into the second year of working together. the shoes have become such a hit with the style savvy they have a hard time keeping them on the shelves. naturally then, we needed to snatch them up before they were gone. i spotted my favourite pair in calgary before leaving to new york and when we got to our hotel in the big apple they were already waiting for me. nothing like a pair of your favourite shoes awaiting you at your arrival, cue romantic music, we were meant to be together. what i actually really appreciate about these is the chunky heel, what a difference it makes when you have to walk around in heels for any period of time. i love the mixed texture of leather and felt heel (they reverse on the other two colors and felt is the dominant fabric aka. perfect fall shoes). the flats are an adorable play on the popular cage style, see the bts video to watch the process of how they were made. the collection is completed with a selection of three handbags all which are like a cherry on top of an already delicious cake. my favorite, hands down is the midtown faux fur muff/bag, and it’s actually what i have been using our entire trip. the temperature quickly dropped in london and with no gloves me and the midtown have been inseparable. to pay homage to the designer’s roots i couldn’t think of a more perfect place than london to shoot this look. very british if i may say so myself. xoxo

wearing: topshop blouse, h&m studio dress, aldo shoes & bag

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  1. Elise says:

    Those shoes again! I need them!

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