Ania B Birchbox event-13 Ania B Birchbox event-1 birchbox eventit’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since we were in toronto to host the BIRCHBOX event. where has the time gone. and what a whirlwind it was! since our last tutorial post featuring BIRCHBOX we also had the plasure of visiting the new york soho store. it has been open just over a year and is literally the meccah of all things beauty. the store is organized in the same way you would shop the site. categories include makeup, skincare and haircare and branch out from there. the store also includes a really great mens section and a build your own box (BYOB) area where you decide what you want to try. it took us a couple of hours to get through familiarizing ourselves with all the amazing products and we walked away with bags full of goodies we’re now just trying for the first time. personally i’m the biggest fan of skyn eye gels and utilize them every chance i get. another favourite of mine was the amika texturizing spray and their travel kits with appliances small enough to not disrupt your packing flow (cosmetics always get packed last as they get used till the very last minute). all in all an eye opening experience and definitely one for the books. BIRCHBOX graciously took us through the tour and welcomed us with open arms, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience shopping the store.

our visit to the store was just a bonus we weren’t even expecting, the real fun begun when we hopped on the plane and made our way to toronto. the morning of the event we were up at 4 am and catching the first flight out of new york. the trip was easy breezy. so much easier then flying across the country so we were grateful we already made that treck days earlier. toronto might have been in the midst of all things tiff but our focus was BIRCHBOX, fellow blogger alyssa of random acts of pastel was in charge of decor, she created the cutest theme, ‘you are a gem’ + you can read all about her process right here, think lots of glitter and crystals to go with the concept of the party, which was all about you guys. BIRCHBOX wanted to celebrate their 5 year anniversary with giving their canadian subscribers the love they deserve. everyone in attendance was gifted the septemeber box, there was nail art, girly drinks, makeup stations and a wicked dj. essentially if you brought your bestie you were guaranteed a perfect girls’ night out. walking in to a window full of silver balloons is sure to be a sign of good things to come. all the artists were amazingly talented. i was busy running around taking selfies, snaking on the delicious catering provided by l’ouvrier kitchen and bar (our venue for the evening) and taking pictures with the guests. at the end of the night, still buzzing we finished off with a taco party for 6, because what other food exists out there anyway?

every time we come back to toronto i find more things to fall in love with. thank you all for coming and celebrating this evening with us and also welcoming us to your city. without the people we meet every step of the way these experiences would truly not be the same. i met many great girls, all who i have so much in common with, from cats to beauty to clothes and their love of all things fashion. like minded people really do find each other and i am so happy that BIRCHBOX gave us all an opportunity to meet on this common ground. i can’t wait to come back in october for fashion week and have even more stories to share. in the meantime i am off to create some BIRCHBOX subscriptions for a couple special ladies in my life (and maybe a guy or two) and think you should too… it’s really either that or getting a plane ticket to NYC and checking out everything in person, that’s also a good idea!

p.s. the october box is looking pretty amazing

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  1. Love the jumpsuit! I’ve put Birchbox on my list of Christmas present ideas for the girls. Genius!

  2. Sundus says:

    Great photos! So glad to have met you. xoxo

  3. Elise says:

    Obsessed with the shoes!

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