20150914-032A3249-Edit 20150914-032A3185-Edit 20150914-032A3088-Edit 20150911-032A7679-Edit 20150911-032A7693-Edit 20150911-032A7710-Edit 20150914-032A3061-Edit20150911-032A7662-Edit 20150914-032A3298-Editlet’s be completely honest here, travelling to far away places for long periods of time can really take the glamour out of the experience. staying in small hotel rooms, not being able to change when sweat is dripping down your back and generally just being away from home can be an uncomfortable experience for anyone. try packing 30 days of outfits into two suitcases and knowing you will still like what you planned when the month is over. nearly impossible! the trick to packing is knowing what to sacrifice. shoes always play a big role because of their weight and as a result only a few pairs are allowed. i love to bring versatile pairs that i know will look good with plenty of outfits and flats are obviously a must, so what did i pack of fashion month that is versitile, flat, and can pass for dressy or casual? the newest anguria flatform from browns shoes available as part of their fall the wishbone collection. i love the mixed texture leather and all white soles contrasting with the dressy pointy oxford feel. if walking from wall street all the way to central park isn’t an indication of the perfect marriage of fashion and function i don’t know what is. if they look good with a dress then i am sold! xoxo

wearing: anguria flatform (browns shoes), three floor knit dress + jacket, a.l.c dress, tacori necklace

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  1. You seriously have the most envy inducing closet ever.

  2. Elise says:

    I love ankle socks and flatforms!

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