Ania B Lacoste (7 of 17)Ania B Lacoste (11 of 17) Ania B Lacoste (3 of 17)Ania B Lacoste (16 of 17) Ania B Lacoste (8 of 17)Ania B Lacoste (17 of 17) Ania B Lacoste (13 of 17)that was crazy you guys! despite the fact that we got to new york last wednesday night it feels like it went by in a flash, at the  same time also it also feels we’ve been gone for ages! time is a weird concept when you travel, i have a much better relationship with it then when we are at home. i won’t get too deep into it though, come find me and we can chat ;). i have so much to share with you from this week it will all start rolling out immediately i promise. so far it’s been go go go + my computer crashed and it’s been sitting at apple on 5th avenue (which is 24/7 btw) and being completely neglected. in the end we ended up picking it up unsuccessfully repaired. bummer! i’m also surprised how positive i ended up staying through our rather poor hotel experience. think smallest rooms, overpriced food, sneaky hidden fees on top of fees on top of fees and way too much hype. the hudson hotel gets a 1 out of 5 from me, in fact i’m pretty sure i’ve stayed at hostels that were more luxurious than the experience we had here. well, you take it in stride, nothing we could have done so we were just barely there. and you guys know i don’t complain much on the blog at all, it not being a platform for these types of posts. yet i feel like this was way too big of a part of our experience traveling this time to leave it out.

but enough about me, let’s talk about the clothes! we got to see the lacoste s/s 2016 show this year (umm… THE bomb! it was SO beautiful and more on that very soon), as part of being away and watching the shows we always try to immerse ourselves in the world through which we try to tread so sporting a pair of these lacoste rene prep derbies was just part of the job, naturally. it might be september but in new york summer is still in full swing. nobody had to twist my arm to pull out summer whites and cropped sleeves. we went into central park (my first time back in YEARS!) to find ‘that spot from gossip girl’ which turns out to have been the betheseda terrace & fountain i.e. the perfect setting for a shoot (maybe minus the hundreds of people maybe) but i think tyler did a pretty good job making it seem like we were there all alone don’t you think? our own private castle in the middle of new york city. turns out there are so many spots in the park that we have never explored. they will be making their way to that super long list of things to do whenever we end up with some time off. here’s hoping… but not really! xoxo

wearing: lacoste rene prep derbies, alice & olivia skirt, equipment blouse, balenciaga le dix bag

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  1. What beautiful photos, I love Central Park

  2. Ania, these photos are exceptional! The location and you look stunning! Can’t wait to see more New York content.

  3. Elise says:

    These photos are AMAZING! I also love your outfit – it’s like a fancy version of going out to play tennis!

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