20150825-032A6866-Edit-Edit20150825-032A6642-Edit 20150825-032A6724-Edit 20150825-032A6841-Editevery year the fall season promises to deliver an extra dose of style. with layering we find ourselves with more options to do just about anything, and be just about anyone. and this year the 70’s are making their grand comeback. let’s just hope they are here to stay for a little longer than last time (i estimate circa 2004). what the decade brings is so rare in the fall/winter seasons, and that’s colour. i am even seeing pastels making their appearance in both my inbox and pages of september issues. not bad considering i always try to add a touch of it to all my outfits. i really want to be that black and white minimal girl but i just find there is too much fun to be had out there. since i like to follow the rule that there is no rules i feel good about that. i can still fit in the occasional all black outfit when the mood strikes. when i received the newest kate spade fragrance in my mailbox it was just another reminder that colour is here to stay.  for all the girly girls out there that love the brand this one won’t disappoint. the combination of sparkling mandarin, pink water lily, golden gardenia and coconut water gives you an idea of what this fragrance is all about. soft and happy notes of spring to carry you through the gloomy winter season. and there is of course the packaging! who out there is a sucker for perfume bottles like me? it’s a dangerous game, but how can you not fall in love with this one. kate spade new york live colorfully eau de parfum is available at Hudson’s Bay and pictured here is the 100mL bottle. xoxo

wearing: missoni dress

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  1. This perfume is so pretty, I love how it matches your dress

  2. Elise says:

    Missoni is my fave!!! I’m pretty much drooling… haha.

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