can you believe it’s already that time of year when we talk about back to school shopping?! i don’t know about you but i look back at this summer and somehow i managed to fit into it everything i planned and hoped for and for that simple reason i think deserve a treat. dressing back to school isn’t reserved for students anymore. somehow the school year affects everyone and anyone. ever since graduating i still think in terms of a school year, you know, where first half of the year is sept-dec and the other half is everything else. i’m definitely not alone in all this. here is a great article on that very subject.

most of all going back to school presents us with a new set of challenges and opportunities. challenges on how to dress for the coming, and often unpredictable weather and opportunities to do a complete overhaul of ones wardrobe. market mall gave us an opportunity to make sense of it all by helping everyone else. as part of their #whowillyoube national campaign we dug a little deeper and got a little more local. theres a lot of new imports to calgary during the winter months and not everyone knows that flip flops in September are no longer kosher, no matter what the temperature outside. in the video above we outline some simple tips and tricks to hone in on this coming season. hopefully it helps you get inspired to go back to school and helps you find the fun in going to class. i remember dressing up was my favourite part of the whole experience, that’s when i discovered fashion after all, and let me tell you there was a lot of tights under shorts back then (YIKES!).

to make it even easier we made a list of all the items we are wearing in the video in the details section on youtube and below in this post. in some cases even shoppable links to give you a leg up online. and if you have any questions or want to know more about the video or what we do just leave us a comment. don’t forget to like + subscribe as well and help us grow our youtube channel so we can keep making these videos for you. and finally, thank you again to market mall for making all of this possible. xoxo

20150812-20150812-118A4758-Edit-Edit 20150812-20150812-118A4055-Edit-Edit 20150812-20150812-118A3963-Edit-2 20150812-20150812-118A4318-Edit-Edit 20150812-20150812-118A4564-Edit-Editdon’t forget to enter the $500 Cadillac Fairview SHOP! Card giveaway by snapping yourself at centre court with one of the cut outs and using the hashtag #WhoWillYouBe on social media. it’s super easy, but you’re definitely encouraged to also get creative! xoxo


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  1. Ever Rose says:

    Amazing shoot! Love the J Crew chinos in particular.

  2. Cool black jacket 🙂
    Maria V.

  3. Haha! Love the video guys! You killed it with the transitions. Very fun :D.

  4. Elise says:

    Ah! I just graduated last week, so I will never go back to school again. Kinda sad, but also stoked because I’ve had enough of school. Anyways, love the way you put this post together with the graphics and such – nice work! xE

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