20150731-20150731-032A9041-EditPALM BAY candy20150731-20150731-032A8641 20150731-20150731-032A9561-Edit20150731-20150731-032A9533-Editphew! a LOT of things happening on our front lately. my mind is so scattered and attention in so many different places i sometimes go through mini panic attacks trying to devise ways in which to marry everything. so far so good, and as always never complaining. how could i?! we are doing what we love and working toward our dreams. how many people are able to say that? modelling for over 15 years taught me to never complain and as we know old habits die hard. there are so many new and exciting things i want to share with you, among which, is of course, my newly growing youtube channel, yay me! i haven’t actually attempted something this big in a couple of years, the prospect of learning something new kind of scares me a little, but a challenge is always welcome, if not necessary. my recent instagram feature is another very exciting item on the menu, slowly creeping me up to 100K, and catching us by surprise and unsure of what we will do to celebrate yet. some more travel on the horizon, with plans spanning all the way into november, which will also make this year the most i have ever travelled. it almost makes me consider frequent flyer programs (do you have any favourites?). and among all of that a good old dose of self doubt and second guessing myself. i wouldn’t be a real girl without it, i don’t think.

palm bay double20150731-20150731-032A8987-Edit20150731-20150731-032A0484-2-Edit20150731-20150731-032A0705-2-EditPALM BAY INSTAXbetween all that crazy but before some of it even happens we did get a chance to sit down and unwind a little… haha who am i kidding! we actually spent a few fun days planning a get-together of some of my favourite blogger girls in calgary for a special night of girl talk. macarons, balloons, instax mini and of course the newest selection of Palm Bay summer flavours all contributed to a successful girls night in. we thought an evening out on a rooftop patio surrounded with city lights and some beautiful girly things was just what the doctor ordered. we gathered, what could very well be, a selection of the best snack foods we could get our hands on, together with some healthier options of course for a colourful spread worthy of instagram. being girls it wouldn’t be a night in without some glossies and nail polish of course (we grabbed the most girly colours we could find). trying to keep all the pink well balanced, moments like these are made to be treasured. with our busy schedules we don’t always have the time to catch up with friends and make way for quality time spent away from everything else. Palm Bay give us the perfect opportunity to make that happen.

20150731-20150731-032A9627PALM BAY OBJECTS 20150731-20150731-032A0331-2 20150731-20150731-032A0757-2and last but most definitely not least, i want to thank all my girls for being the amazing support and human beings that they are. you know what you do for me on the daily and you know how much i love you. make sure to give them a follow at toques and trufflesanneke forbes and born lippy. xoxo

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  1. Ever Rose says:

    Looks like a fun event! Love the colourful hues of all your party decor. And congrats on the YouTube channel 🙂

  2. Love creating with you ma dear! Thank you for being a constant encouragement and inspiration. xoxo

  3. Those drinks are looking super good right now !

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