20150730-032A7854-Editeven though it’s still the middle of summer, we’re all kind of getting excited about fall. where fashion comes into play it’s by far the best of all seasons. i love layering, stocking my closet full of coats, watching the leaves change colour and cozying up with a good book and cup of tea at the end of the day. fall marks the beginning of school and the start of something new. i’m also really looking forward to fall because we’re doing a lot traveling and will be on the move for the entire month of september chasing fashion week across europe. it’s got my head spinning about what we need to do to prep and i’ve been obsessively reading books, picking up magazines and checking sites for fall fashion inspiration. and what better place to get inspired than indigo? a prime example of how surrounding yourself with beautiful things feeds your mind and soul. i’ve been growing my reading list (more on that later) and i’m loving the fall line up they are starting to push into stores. in preparation for the upcoming season, here is the list of my five faves from indigo:

20150730-032A8036-Edit1. jeremy scott by jeremy scott

with fashion month right around the corner, i’m currently seeking inspiration for all things fashion. i’ve been glued to this coffee table book that chronicles jeremy scott’s rebellious life, from personal snaps to editorial work with adidas and moschino (hello mcdonald’s and barbie collections of season’s past). he’s a controversial fashion figure to say the least and his playful take on pop culture has been both criticized and praised throughout his iconic career. it’s a lesson in how to push the boundaries and i’ll definitely be taking a page from his book this season.

20150730-032A80902. the asylum by simon doonan

according to simon doonan (barney’s creative ambassador-at-large) the more fashionably eccentric you are, the more you truly belong in an asylum. immersed in the fashion industry for most of his life, he’s convinced that all of his well-dressed friends are total lunatics and i’m excited to get a sneak peek into this asylum in his latest novel. this is the behind-the-scenes look that all fashion girls need to take. 

3. passport cover

i love customizing my travel accessories. things can get pretty mundane going from a to b time and time again. i love to be playful where i can and this pink fits the energy we so often need when we travel.

20150730-032A8229-Edit4. lake louise scented candle

despite all the travel we love coming back home. living on the edge of the rockies always reminds me how lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful place. i’m obsessed with indigo’s new cross canada line of scented candles. i have a hard time choosing between the prairies and the mountains so i’ll just have to collect them all. you can take your very own trip across our beautiful country with these beautiful home accents. they also make perfect hostess gifts. 

20150730-032A8005-Edit5. pebble bucket bag

trend alert! this neutral grey bag is going to be the perfect carry all – it’s so easy! the tassel ties right into fashion’s obsession with the 70’s plus it’s a great size to wear cross body when we’re on the go. this season marks indigo’s largest fashion collection to date. with their affordable handbags and accessories it’s just one more reason to stay a little longer.

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  1. Ever Rose says:

    Fabulous roundup! Curious to read ‘The Asylum’ + check out their accessories and candles.

  2. Great post and love lake louise scented candle. 🙂

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