20150713-20150713-20150713-032A8290-Editthrough following my latest posts, i’m sure you’re well aware of my stampede obsession. i think i’ve managed to slip a bit of western flair into literally every project i’ve been involved in over the last few weeks. what can i say… i love this time of year. but after stomping around the stampede grounds for 10 days straight, hours on end, i’d be lying if i said it didn’t kick my butt. i’m ready for some relaxation before tyler and i take a few quick work-related trips in late july and early august. but in truth there’s not much time to pause. in an ideal world i’d spend a few days just soaking up the sun on our newly decorated deck or on one of the restaurant patios around the city – even if i’d be obsessively checking my phone for email updates the whole time. it’s so hard to just switch off!

i promise it’s not all work and no play. after all, we really do love what we do! i’m definitely looking forward to seeing some friends out in vancouver soon and sneaking in some strolls along kitsilano beach. we also have a few awesome projects coming up that will most definitely bring me poolside. as exciting as that sounds, i’m feeling my like skin needs a serious refresh before i get anywhere near a bathing suit. i’ve been trying to take better care of my body by eating healthier, taking more yoga classes and working on my complexion, but all of that good stuff was shoved to the wayside recently because… mini donuts.

20150713-20150713-20150713-032A8328-Editenter the newest amopé product: the pedi perfect pedicure electronic foot file. my feet have taken quite the beating in my cowboy boots and this product could not have come into my life at a better time. since i don’t have the luxury of booking an hour long pedicure, this little handheld machine can get rid of my callus-ridden feet in a flash right at home, or at whatever hotel i end up at this summer (it’s a good size for travel)! it’s battery operated and you’re supposed to use it on dry skin which is pretty convenient. you only leave it on each area for about three to four seconds, so it does the job really quickly. a bonus feature is that it automatically shuts off if you press too hard, so you don’t have to worry about taking off too much skin or using serious arm muscle to get smooth feet. follow up with some thick moisturizing foot cream and you’re set! it’s crazy how such a small thing can instantly make you feel so much better!

amopé pedi perfect is THE summer beauty product to get your feet ready for any barefoot occasion! amopé™ pedi perfect™ electronic foot file is designed to treat rough, dry, cracked feet quickly and effortlessly – no soaking required. The gentle yet fast-rotating micralumina™ roller head safely and easily buffs away hard skin, for perfectly smooth feet in just one use, giving women the confidence of healthy looking feet, so they can be barefoot beautiful this summer. for more information and tips for soft, beautiful feet, visit

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