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a lot of amazing things have come out of france – namely macarons, coco chanel and champagne. now, there’s one more thing to thank france for and that’s diner en blanc. the event started 25 years ago in paris and quickly spread like wildfire, popping up in over 60 cities around the world! and really, why wouldn’t it be a phenomenon? a glam picnic with a group of friends, acquaintances and strangers alike setting up camp for an evening filled with delicious food and drinks and wonderful chit chat? i’d say that sounds like something most people would have a hard time turning down. oh! but there are also rules… a lot of rules. this exclusive event requires that everyone dress to the nines in full white attire. not cream, not light grey, but head-to-toe white… trés chic! all of your dining accessories need to be white, including tablecloths, glassware and anything else you choose to bring along. hence the name! if you haven’t seen images, i suggest you google the event because the sea of people donned in white and dancing around with sparklers at sunset really creates quite a spectacle. to top it all off the location remain secret until the day of the event, leading to such spectacular locations like rockefeler park, seine, the tuileries gardens, singapore’s art science museum and the lincoln center.

i love getting involved with anything that brings the community together, and if i get to dress up while doing it, then that much better! needless to say, it’s a bit of a challenge putting together a monochromatic outfit. the trick is to keep things simple: it’s all about matching shades and fabrics, a good balance of textures, shapes and great accessories is what keeps it interesting. one of calgary’s top stylists, kara chomistek and i put together a couple of looks to inspire you for calgary’s impromptu diner en blanc happening next thursday, july 30th! it also gave us a good excuse to open up a bottle of white wine… get it?

Ania B Diner En Blanc-4 Ania B Diner En Blanc-8 Ania B Diner En Blanc-6 Ania B Diner En Blanc-2 Ania B Diner En Blanc-5did i mention that the event is extremely exclusive? despite great lengths to try and squeeze in as many people as possible, the wait list just keeps growing. lo and behold, i am giving away two tickets thanks to the wonderful team over at mogo. the mogo platform works like a bank sans the hidden fees or overdraft charges. a mogocard acts like a visa (and is accepted anywhere visa is accepted), but you can access and control your credit in a transparent way making it a lot easier to manage your funds and not worry about growing debt. when you sign up to be a mogomember, you also have access to all the mogoperks – such as these diner en blanc tickets! sign up for free using your email address at

get your hands on those two highly coveted tickets and socialize the night away, blow up your social media with beautiful pictures and head over to my instagram today to find out how to enter! hope to see you on july 30th!

Ania B Diner En Blanc-9

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  1. Ever Rose says:

    Beautiful shoot! Definitely looking into this event, it sounds so fun!

  2. Love seeing Calgarians collaborate :). Great post girls!

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