festival essentialsit’s HEEEEEEERE!! we are about to burst my festival cherry! and we’re doing it right, in collaboration with joe fresh at the vip glamping tents! we’re hitting up the first-ever wayhome music & arts festival (a lot of firsts!). super stoked for this new adventure in our little chevy spark we rented here in toronto, zipping with us from a to b. now that i’ve picked out all of my festival outfits, i’m feeling anxious about what to pack for three days of being out and away from the convenience of shopping. you hear festival stories about everything from filthy feet and bad sunburns to burst eardrums and dehydration. our friends at fjallraven have assembled a survival kit for me, i swaped some of the items i found inside with some of my own faves and the finished product is something reminiscent of ‘man vs. wild’. 

  1. sunscreen
    if you’ve been following my blog then you know that kiehl’s has been teaching me about their amazing skincare products. sun protection for an outdoor festival should be a no-brainer, but it’s not easy picking the right one. this spf 30 spray sunscreen lotion is water resistant and oil-free, so the application is super quick and easy.
  2. ear plugs
    i feel like music should be felt just has much as it should be heard. a good pack of ear plugs will let you get right up to the stage near the speakers without blowing your hearing! plus the days are long and you’re running on minimal sleep, so naps are essential to keep you going and ear plugs are the only way you’re going to catch those z’s.
  3. hand sanitizer
    outhouse, honey bucket, earth closet… whatever you want to call them, the situation is never good: no soap or running water. there are many other reasons why hand sanitizer is a good idea at music festivals, but this one probably takes the cake. your hands will thank you for picking out a brand that includes soothing aloe.
  4. gum
    back fried foods, beer and sugary drinks are guaranteed to leave you with bad breath before you know it. i don’t care how chummy you’re getting with your brand new ‘best friend’ who’s vibing out next to you at odesza – she’s still not going to appreciate burger breath. do everyone a favour and toss in a pack or two.
  5. wet cleansing towelettes
    from what i hear, showering is often a bit of a luxury at music festivals. either because you don’t have easy access to one or because it can take time that you’d much rather spend at the festival. a pack of cleansing wipes can instantly refresh and revive you when the dirt starts to get a bit much. these olay ones are great because they’re good for sensitive skin and are alcohol free!
  6. lip balm
    i carry one of these lip balms with me at all times. protecting your lips from the sun and nourishing them with antioxidants and shea butter is never a bad idea. eos has yummy new flavours too like blueberry & acai, coconut milk and summer fruit!
  7. bandaids
    you might not be planning on getting banged up in a most pit, but having some bandaids on hand is probably one of the most important things, if only to protect you against growing blisters. even the most practically footwear choices won’t help you after three days of walking and dancing.
  8. poncho
    i realize we’re not all going to glastonbury where a heavy rain forecast is part of the drill, but a small poncho shoved into your bag will keep you warm when the odd shower happens. that way you won’t be caught running to find cover instead of staying put and enjoying the music from the crowd. slot this one in alongside your rubber boots. better safe than sorry.
  9. water bottle
    drink water. the sun and the heat can zap you faster than you know. even though this is my first music festival, i’ve definitely learned this lesson from years walking the grounds at the calgary stampede. it’s a good idea to bring your own bottle and refill it when you can than purchasing $5 evians throughout the day. the size of these bkr water bottles are perfect!
  10. hand lotion
    after all of the hand sanitizer, you’ll be happy to give your hands a bit of reprieve with some moisturizing cream. i love that eos has these tiny portable lotions in delicious fragrances, but the shape is the best part! it’s so easy to stuff into the front of your backpack instead of a bulky tube.

speaking of backpacks – this kanken fjallraven, is going to be perfect for bringing along because it’s insanely lightweight but also really durable. everything fits into this backpack with a ton of room to spare for sweaters, snacks and festival memorabilia. next step, bring someone along to carry it all for you, true galmping style. wish me luck! we are off to wayhome!

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