20150426-20150426-118A9795-2-EditPHIL + SEBto say that i’m not a morning person would be an understatement. i’m way more productive in the evenings and i prefer to stay up working late into the night. plus i have a hard time shutting my brain off or putting my phone away, so by the time my head hits the pillow it’s not long before the sun is up. legit blogger problems.

it makes perfect sense that brunch is my best friend since i’m rarely awake in time to make breakfast. so when calgary’s own phil & sebastian coffee roasters approached me a few months ago about joining a brunch club, it was too good to be true! better yet – i was invited to create my own brunch special alongside some of calgary’s fashion, food and lifestyle bloggers! my menu item was a no-brainer: avocado toast. ever since our grand avocado toast tour of la i’ve been obsessed! it comes down to balance: a perfectly ripe avocado, good seasoning and bread that’s the right amount of toasted. my special twist is adding a fried egg and tomatoes. it’s making my mouth water just talking about it! phil & seb coined their version… wait for it… the “ania-cado on toast” and the amount of happiness it brings me to say that verges on weird… + you can get it vegan or gluten-free as well!

the marda loop location featured a blogger’s brunch dish every sunday throughout the month of may (all so yummy btw and on regular rotation throughout the summer) as part of the phil & sebastian sunday brunch club. unfortunately, there was a little hiccup with ania-cado on toast because of an unexpected flood literally days before my big debut. but guess WHAT! the wait is finally over and i could not be more excited to finally share my love for avocado with you all!

for a city that clearly lacks in it’s avocado toast offerings consider this my official invitation to join me at phil & sebastian in marda loop this sunday, july 19th, for my first #psbrunchclub as part of their re-opening weekend! you can come anytime between 9:00am and 11:30am to have your very own ania-cado on toast! satisfaction guaranteed! this will definitely be one of those exceptions that gets me up early in the am. hope to see you there! xoxo


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