Ania B Bench MyHood--6we’ve joined forces with bench for their #lovemyhood campaign to celebrate my beautiful home of calgary with a 24 hour city guide! if you haven’t already checked it out, you can see where our morning and early afternoon took us to part 1 of our tour. and don’t forget to watch out vlog (below) to get yet another perspective on all of our favourite places to visit while in yyc. just press play!

Ania B Bench MyHood--5our next pitstop was to one of my favourite spots: cru juice. cold pressed juices are the latest trend and this place does it right. i’m not always the healthiest eater because i’m constantly on the go, so i love the idea of chugging back a full serving of fruits and vegetables. the kicker is that cru juice actually makes healthy taste good! trust me – i’m a bit of a picky eater (and drinker). i’m a total sucker for branding and their lineup of drinks are all cleverly named – like model slash actor, 50 shades of green and beet box. my personal favourite is the dirty lemonade, which includes ingredients like clay and activated charcoal, so it’s a bit of a detox in a bottle and that’s never a bad thing. especially during the calgary stampede! they have two locations in the city, but their second space was designed by some awesome local interior designers and is in a prime people-watching spot along the busy area of mount royal village, so i don’t have to take my juice to go. for me, it’s a great alternative to a coffee shop for business meetings when i just can’t handle any more caffeine.

where: cru juice, 816 16th Avenue SW

Ania B Bench MyHood--8 Ania B Bench MyHood--16 Ania B Bench MyHood--14 20140521-3I5C3130-Edit 20140521-3I5C3119-Edittyler and i work really hard throughout the week and weekends are a luxury we aren’t often privy to. so i try to squeeze in a little bit of pampering whenever i can. sometimes it’s as simple as a quick mani in between meetings or a bath at the end of the day. one of the things i love is getting my hair cut because hedkandi salon in calgary always makes it a relaxing experience. although my hair is at a great short length right now, it requires pretty regular maintenance. so when i’m in need of a trim there’s really no better option in the city than hedkandi. their talented team of hairstylists are always ahead of the curve when it comes to shear skills. combine that with bumble and bumble products and you’ve got yourself a winner. they really know how to work magic, whether you come in with a definitive vision of what you want or a super vague idea. the fun part is the gorgeous design of each of their three salons, each one is different from the next but the atmosphere is always equal parts contemporary and elegant. i’m sure it’s not a surprise that i’m completely obsessed with their 70s inspired decor at their 8th avenue location downtown.

where: hedkandi, 105 1301 8th Street SW

Ania B Bench MyHood--9 BENCH MY HOOD ANIABi’m always looking for new experiences and luckily my job as a blogger has allowed me to get involved in some really cool events around the city. we end our night at at the delicious ollia macarons & tea for a lesson in how to make the quintessential french macaron with some fellow bloggers for a ‘blogger bake off’. we learned all the tricks of the trade on how to make the perfect shell, pick the best flavour combinations and what to do if things start to go sideways. i love that ollia is willing to divulge the tricks of the trade, lucky for them aprons aren’t really my thing, i’ll just stick to eating them instead. xoxo

where: ollia macarons & tea, 810C 16th Ave SW

wearing: bench dress + jacket, tibi sandals, celine sunglasses, rag & bone backpack

Ania B Bench MyHood- Ania B Bench MyHood--3 Ania B Bench MyHood--4Ania B Bench MyHood--12

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