Ania B Coutu Kitsch-2 Ania B Coutu Kitsch-5 Ania B Coutu Kitsch-420150708-032A4287-2-EditAnia B Coutu Kitsch-7Ania B Coutu Kitsch-10Ania B Coutu Kitsch-6Ania B Coutu Kitsch-11 Ania B Coutu Kitsch-16 20150708-032A4270-Edit-Editeat, walk it off, watch a rodeo, eat, go on midway rides, eat some more. that is basically the routine we fall into every year at the calgary stampede. and you really can’t help yourself. so much junk food, deep fried everything and more! i’m pretty sure that you could bring your own food and they would deep fry it for you if you wanted it bad enough. i do have to say though that every year more and more healthier eating options pop up that are just as delicious and make you feel good at the end of the day. somehow everything is balanced by the amount of walking you end up getting to in an average day at the grounds so a slice of pizza-corn dog-fish taco combo sits alright with me. we’ve also been lucky to tag along for some mouth watering bbqs with the mavericks at the chuckwagon barns for a special bts look into the inner workings of a winning team… more on that later. i have yet to take a photo of my favourite offering this year, the ‘drink a fruit from the fruit’ stand, check back on instagram to see if i made it happen later today. all this talk about food is making me hungry! i’m off to the grounds to get my last fill before our salad diet starts tomorrow. xoxo

wearing: coutu kitsch body chain, zara top & shorts, aldo shoes, aritzia bag 

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  1. It looks like you had a great time with an equally great outfit. The shorts are magnificent! Fabulous post!

  2. Ever Rose says:

    Those shoes are *so* perfect for Stampede (and way more practical than cowboy boots considering the heat this week!) Fantastic Stampede series!

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