20150615-20150615-20150615-032A8912-Edit-Edit20150615-20150615-20150615-032A9320-Edit-EditETTE STAMPEDE20150615-20150615-20150615-032A9477-Edit-Edit20150615-20150615-20150615-032A8585-Edit-Edit20150615-20150615-20150615-032A9079-Edit-EditETTE20150615-20150615-20150615-032A9202-Edit-2-Edita bitter sweet last weekend of the stampede. relieved because do i ever need some sleep, and sad, well because everything about this time of year is so special to me. thankfully, as i’ve been posting throughout the week i’m thinking of making this whole western wear my new thing. year round. it kind of kicks in more often then not, but now i’m thinking to just make a point of it. why not? the californians do it, and lets be honest, i’m practically one of them already anyway (one foot in). i will just be extra challenged during winter. while on the topic, it’s been crazy hot this week. i actually had some super cute outfits planned, but head to toe leather is just plain torture in plus 30 degree weather. we squeezed in this look quickly before the stampede even started, thankfully it was stormy so a suede jacket was more than appropriate, plus i am in love with that color combo… so i would have even made the sacrifice regardless. the dress might have also been a few sizes too big and no better way to hide it than just throw on an extra layer. hope you enjoy the last two days on the grounds! can’t wait to show you what else we’ve been working on. xoxo

wearing: cushnie et ochs dress (via ette boutique), zara jacket + necklace

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  1. Ever Rose says:

    Loving the Pocahontas-esque vibe of your look – that shade of yellow is stunning!

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