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stampede week, what can i say, you are already kicking my butt. we go to sleep at 5am everyday, wake up at noon, work on posts, then go out and shoot some more so when we get home we have more photos to work with and take us through to the next morning. my day in a nutshell, all this while also trying to fit in a good stampede junk food sesh and just a fun time. but during all this i would not be doing anything else. dressing up as a cowgirl everyday beats sitting at the office. and here we are eternally grateful for our team that helps us make sure everything runs smoothly.

i just realized that for some reason this year i’m really loving black hats. obviously they go with everything, it also feels like a lot of my western pieces happen to be very black & white this year. surprisingly i have not worn as much denim as i thought i would. subconsciously i’m also saving it for later. and i can’t even tell you how much fringe is kicking around the house. my favourite, this year however, is walking around and spotting trends at the grounds. more and more calgarians are becoming conscious of what they are wearing but it’s still interesting to see the choices they make. not surprisingly the old plaid around the waist situation is very prominent, the number of girls with black tops, jeans and red plaid shirts is astounding, in fact i don’t think i can turn away in any one direction without spotting at least two or three of them walking by. a note to the wise, while we have the floor, that’s not actually a western look ladies, it’s called grunge and while it definitely made a huge comeback you can get a lot more creative during stampede week, in fact we encourage it!

as i’m finishing typing this i’m anxiously making a list of all the stands i want to hit at the grounds tonight. make sure to tune into my snapchat (@ania_boniecka) to follow along. i have a drilled watermelon waiting for me at the most opportune moment! xoxo

wearing: bcbg top, jacket & bandana, guess shorts, brave leather belt, zara heels

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  1. Your stampede looks are so inspiring! No one does creative cowgirl outfits better. Thumbs up!

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