20150609-032A4416-Editkiehl's collage copyany beauty obsessed girl knows the power of a good product. this collaboration requires no introduction. i think we all know and love kiehl’s. something about the store design, the packaging and hello! the products themselves, keep us coming back for more. the idea itself, that the packaging, minimal and simple, doesn’t have to speak for the product is everything. humility is one of my favourite traits, and in today’s world where more is more, it’s rare that we see something stand out because of genuine quality.

kiehl’s is opening their second free-standing store in calgary this week (june 11th), but we won’t be celebrating until they have had some time to settle in, so it’s my pleasure to invite you to the carnival that will be the grand opening at market mall on saturday june 20th at 11 am! come join me for an afternoon of pampering, giveaways and popcorn! it wouldn’t be a celebration of course without some goodies for all those in attendance, so the first 100 people will be treated with a kiehl’s starter kit and the first 50 will receive mystery gift cards, with one of them getting the chance to win up to $1,000!

Carte postal market mall openingi’ve had my fair share of skin struggles, which means i’ve also tested a lot of skin products in my day on top of testing products for the blog, so i go through cream like butter but i always have my standing go-to’s. i’m really excited to be working on this project because so many of these go-to’s are kiehl’s products. what i love is that they are made from high quality, naturally-derived ingredients, and the company, who is rooted in it’s apothecary tradition, has been around for over 160 years. needless to say, when we went over for our one-on-one consultation with grant bjorge, one of the companies top trainers, he knew a thing or two about proper skin care. we immediately got that personalized customer service experience walking through their doors. the kiehl’s experts will test your skin type, assess and address your main skin concerns and write you a prescription! not to mention, they’ll quickly have you swooning over all the product. it was tyler’s first attempt at understanding skin care routines and because kiehl’s is also bringing in a new and exciting feature to their market mall location (in the form of a men’s shave bar), we thought we would give the boys something to look forward to as well.

20150609-032A4437-Editregardless of the event, i really encourage all of you to keep talking about your skin with professionals who have literally seen it all. there are new things about my skin i learn everyday and with the help of these pros i am always one step closer to ganging a well-rounded understanding of it all. if you have an opportunity to pop into a kiehl’s store i recommend chatting up one of their team members (if they don’t get to you first, of course) and asking as many questions as you can. a personalized consultation can open your eyes to dealing with issues in new ways or discover that there is always room for improvement. with a huge trend of looking to the east for our skin care regimes, the industry itself is evolving in new ways that help our skin be healthier, look younger and be risk free.

Kiehl's top 10to get you excited for our june 20th extravaganza i’ve compiled a list of my top 10 kiehl’s products. ok, just kidding, i couldn’t actually choose just 10 so i added an extra for good luck 🙂 kiehl’s has a list of top 10 customer favourites that you can check out on their website, but because everyones skin is so different i thought it would be fun to personalize it a little. after all, i’ve learned a lot from other people’s mistakes, i pay it forward where i can.

to give you a good reference, i have combination skin. what does this mean? well i’m neither oily nor dry – in some areas of my face i am oily (my t-zone) and in others i am dry (my lips, under my eyes, my hands… we do live in calgary after all.) i find overly moisturizing my face leaves me shiny for most of the day so i try to cleanse more often than not (up to 3 times a day), wear lots of sunscreen and let my skin breathe whenever i can (this means no makeup whenever possible). my top picks at kiehl’s haven’t really changed over the years but they also always come out with new products that help improve my routine. this list is a mix of both – those old favourites and the new ones slowly making their way to the top of my list of must-haves. *the links are all clickable so you can stock up anytime you want, watch informational videos about the products + you can choose the auto-replenish option so you don’t have to create a new order every time you run out!

without further ado, clockwise from top left:

1. ultimate strength hand salve

calgary’s winter months are so taxing on the skin, so this heavy-duty moisturizer is in every one of my handbags. i carry a tube with me everywhere i go and re-apply on the regular. the highly concentrated formula means i don’t need a lot to coat my hands, in fact you can wash our hands up to three times before you re-apply. I also use it before bed, so it can work it’s magic while i sleep and gives me amazingly soft hands in the morning.

2. creamy eye treatment with avocado

my obsession with everything avocado is no secret and avocado oils are known for their amazing properties for the body, inside and out. eye creams have a tendency to migrate into my eyes, but this one stays in place and does its job of hydrating my sensitive under eye area.

3. rare earth deep pore cleansing masque

hello post-stampede treatment! this mask purifies and detoxifies the skin while minimizing the appearance of pores. its key ingredient is bentonite – a type of clay that absorbs oil and reduces shine. i love products that let me know their working. the tingling sensation i feel after application tightens the skin and helps detoxify it. throw in some aloe vera for the calming factor and this is definitely a must-try! the rare earth line now also comes in a variety of products from cleansers to tonics and lotions.

4. hydro-plumping re-texturizing serum concentrate

the newest product in my top 10. this one takes a page out of my favourite asian skin care book. this ultra-hydrating serum feels light but deeply moisturizes, helping to smooth out fine lines and keep my youthful glow, especially on those nights getting late into bed. 

5. sunflower colour preserving conditioner

if you’re like me and dye your hair pretty regularly, this product will be permanently stocked in your shower. it locks in moisture, so my hair looks smooth and shiny after washing it and i don’t need additional styling products to tackle my fly-aways. i love kiehl’s hair products for travel. the packaging is the perfect size to fit into your bag without having to sacrifice the space, you can have your cake and eat it too. no more drug store travel size shampoo and conditioner, who says you have to have dry hair when you’re supposed to be feeling glam.

6. lip balm #1 mint

best lip balm ever. period. i use this year round to prevent chapped lips. this is one of those ‘one per handbag’ kind of products. i have this on me at all times and it’s also always conveniently lying around the checkout counter, so it’s easy to grab by the handful.

7. facial fuel eye de-puffer

ladies love stealing from the boys (think bf jeans + bf shirts), so why not steal their face products? men’s skin is rougher and requires more love, so we can be sure their skin care is also very effective. caffeine and arctic root provide an instant cooling effect that wakes me up and shrinks the heavy bags that usually sit under my eyes. bonus: it comes in the perfect travel size!

8. supremely gentle eye makeup remover

this one was my favourite surprise. before we spoke to grant i wasn’t aware that kiehl’s had a makeup remover. i’m constantly putting on and taking off makeup for photo shoots. this lightweight lotion doesn’t sting that sensitive area around my eyes and includes ingredients like cooling cucumber gel and antioxidants. judging by the other products on my bathroom shelves this will be an instant favourite.

9. spf 30 sun protector

partly because it’s the season and partly because you should have this in your routine year round. i love sitting out in the sun, and calgary is abundant in vitamin D, but i’m all about protecting my skin from those intense uv rays. this spray sunscreen lotion is water resistant and oil-free, so it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, at application or after.

10. powerful strength line reducing concentrate

the perfect way to get my daily dose of vitamin c. this product is an anti-aging powerhouse, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and generally improving my skin’s overall texture. you know because being preventative can’t hurt. these next two products fall under the category of ‘products that let me know they’re working.’ i love to feel the tightening of my skin and the smoothness that follows.

11. overnight biological peel

a skin peel that works for sensitive skin? yes please! this potent formula works overnight, gently exfoliating dead surface skin cells and stimulating cell renewal. kiehl’s expertise is in science and chemistry. if those lab coats don’t give it away then this product is sure to make you a convert.

mark your calendars! the doors of kiehl’s new market mall location (3625 shaganappi trail nw) open at 11 am on june 20th! hope to see you there! 


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