neutrogena videoi never thought that i would have as much fun working on a project as i have being involved with Neutrogena. the whole experience of working on the Hydro Boost campaign was new to me from the get-go. (flying out to toronto for the shoot was very timely, might i add, with one of my good friends having just moved there. naturally visitations were a must.) it was wonderful to work with a group of ridiculously talented bloggers from all over the country and to make new friends, and, of course, to be in front of the camera spilling some of my most embarrassing stories. i think fear of public speaking is a universal thing, even if some of us do a way better job than others. Thankfully, being closed in a room full of strangers talking about yourself is way better. haha, jokes… it’s not. but it’s an experience and we are in the business of collecting experiences after all. i love that my job allows me to explore so many different aspects of creativity and all with my own voice. being scared or embarrassed is just another part of the transitions that have become the theme of the project. because we are all still feeling in between youth and adulthood this is a great time to explore these themes. together we were able to laugh at our individual journeys and can now share them. there is no better way of looking back at the experience than by reflecting on the final product.

below you will find our take on first relationships, school vows, moving out and most importantly our most embarrassing sartorial moments.  it was so fun to observe the creative process behind bringing our stories to you. we learned fast that none of us are alone in these transitions. we are all growing all the time, and having gathered some embarrassing experiences along the way only helps us become the empowered and confident women we are today, being brave and taking chances and along the way. hopefully we’ll inspire others to do the same. thank you, Neutrogena for having us be part of such a fantastic project, after all it’s always better together. xoxo

changes are part of life and the ones that happen when you’re a young adult represent some of the biggest transitions. our latest innovation: Hydro Boost gel creams for face and eye feature purified hyaluronic acid, instantly quenches and infuses skin with an abundance of moisture, so your skin will feel smooth and supple day after day. for more inspiration, visit us at


disclosure: this post was brought to you by Neutrogena® Canada via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Neutrogena® Canada.

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  1. You did great, Ania! Love how you go the last word in so often too ;).

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