Ania B Tresemme Tutorial--7i’ve always been willing to take risks with my hair, which usually lands me in the stylist’s chair every time the seasons change, chopping off a few inches, cutting bangs or dying it a drastically different shade. however, when it comes to hair styles, i tend to stick to what i know. i’ve spent most of my adult life as a model where your hair is poked and prodded to create whatever look the client wants, so styling has never been my forte because I’ve always just left it up to the pros! with that said, i’m really loving the current length of my hair – i feel like it’s just a little bit shorter than the oh-so-trendy lob – so i’ve been having fun experimenting with styles, trying different products and learning some new skills that i can put to the test this summer.

TRESemmé recently released their newest product line, the perfectly (un)done waves™ collection. i’ve always loved their products and they’re available a great price point, so i figured this was a good opportunity to try out the “messy” look that’s really in right now. obviously i can’t expect to be a hair wizard right out the gate, so i asked some amazingly talented hairstylists at hedkandi to show me how to achieve a few different wavy hair looks for short hair.

Tresemme Hollywood WaveAnia B Tresemme Tutorial- we started with the glam hollywood wave, which i love because it’s such a timeless look. you can wear this style going out at night to any type of event, throw on any dress, and look instantly elegant.

  1. start by applying TRESemmé perfectly (un)done waves sea foam to damp hair and blow dry it using a round brush to create some volume.
  2. create a side part and curl sections of your hair using a 1 – 1 1/4” iron.
  3. once your hair has cooled, gently brush out the waves and set it with TRESemmé perfectly (un)done waves™ ultra brushable hairspray.

Ania B Tresemme Tutorial-next up we tried out the perfect festival hair: the boho wave. i’m obsessed with this more natural ‘every day’ type of style. it makes me look put together with pretty minimal effort and that’s pretty ok with me!

  1. since your hair is already prepped with the sea foam, simply wrap your hair around a slightly smaller 3/4” iron, alternating directions of the curls.
  2. shake it out, messing it up with your fingers, and finish with the hairspray for great hold all day.

Ania B Tresemme Tutorial--10the last look we did might be my favourite – the beach wave. it doesn’t get much messier or tousled than this. sometimes texturizing beach sprays can be overkill and make my hair greasy, but TRESemmé perfectly (un)done waves™ sea salt spray lets you build on you hair’s texture without leaving a lot of heavy product behind.

    1. slightly dampen your hair, and spritz with TRESemmé perfectly (un)done waves™ sea salt spray.
    2. use your hands to scrunch your hair and let it air dry. if you want a bit of extra curl, you can wrap a few small pieces around a small iron.
    3. finish with the hairspray and you look like you just got back from the beach!

i made a quick video tutorial showing you an alternative way of creating the beach wave from scratch, sharing some of my favourite tricks in the process. i am still getting used to speaking to an inanimate object and sounding articulate so please don’t judge, but if you have any questions you always know where to find me <3

Ania B Tresemme Tutorial--15what’s great about these three looks is that you can easily transition from each one with minimal effort! go from a more formal evening look, wake up the next morning and hit your hair with the curling iron, and then slowly mess it up as the day goes on to make it look like you just hit the beach. it’s seriously effortless with the help of TRESemmé – the hold is great without making your hair feel weighed down. stay tuned with instagram to discover which other effortless looks i’m tackling. xoxo

achieve the beautiful wavy styles you love! the new TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Waves™ collection with sea kelp extract, infuses hair with texture for natural looking waves for an all over gorgeously (un)done wavy look.  achieve effortless, natural looking beach, boho and hollywood waves that last all day!  discover the entire Perfectly (un)Done Waves collection at


disclosure: this post was brought to you by TRESemmé via mode media canada.  the opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of TRESemmé.

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  1. Knocked that video out of the park girl! Congrats, you’re a natural :).

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