Ania B Ksubi--6Ania B Ksubi--20Ania B Ksubi--9Ania B Ksubi--13ksubi biker Ania B Ksubi-8890Ania B Ksubi--12Ania B Ksubi--2 Ania B Ksubi--4 Ania B Ksubi--11there is just so much goodness in these photos i really don’t know where to start. maybe with this custom made, one of a kind ksubi leather jacket? to DIE for, i didn’t even care i was swimming in it. to me it just became part of the look, because when you see something that amazing you don’t just walk away. the equally cool denim skirt was the perfect piece to play with for this look. the simplicity and cool of a denim mini is sometimes underestimated. on our last visit to la i found these lauren moshi tees i have completely fallen in love with, the perfect graphics, the perfect fit and the perfect state of undone. and of course these balenciaga cutout boots, which have literally haunted me for years. i finally gave in when we went to vegas and i spotted the last pair at the forum shops. they have been sitting in their box until finally i had enough, so naturally their first go around was in the dirt, and boy did they kick my butt. i’m still healing my blisters from that hot day driving around the hollywood hills. rebel without a cause? never seen that movie so don’t judge me if i am using this completely out of context. this look just feels like what fashion is supposed to be all about and feeling a little bit like a badass while you’re at it. i can go on but i think that’s enough indulgence for one night. you’ll see me wear this one again. xoxo

wearing: custom ksubi leather jacket & skirt, lauren moshi t-shirt, balenciaga boots, louis vuitton bag, celine sunglasses

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  1. Amazing Jacket and I Love how you style it. 🙂

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