Ania B LOVE--6Ania B LOVE--12Ania B LOVE--8Ania B LOVE--10 Ania B LOVE--9Ania B LOVE--17Ania B LOVE--14living in a weird state of in-between at the moment. a lot of amazing summer projects coming to the blog as well as the inevitable month long trip hanging over me like a dark cloud. i am always so uneasy about leaving for such a long period of time. the nomadic life is only fun when you have some cash to burn. i am the ultimate creature of comfort and most definitely like my own space. this year has been hectic with most unwelcome surprises so we have already been living in a state of chaos for the last five months, but not anywhere closer to being used to it. for all those times of unease there is always that package waiting to cheer you up for at least a little while. this discount universe/cameo the label combo was waiting on our doorstep the moment we landed in la. nothing like a combo of sequins and ruffles to make you feel right at home. xoxo

wearing: discount universe top, cameo the label shorts, bcbb sandals, wildfox sunnies

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  1. This outfit is adorable! Love the cut and ruffles :). Can’t wait to see what this summer brings! xo

  2. This outfit is perfect, muakes from Seville (Spain)!!.

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