Ania B One Piece--5we are nearing the end of a long weekend here in canada. may long, and although i’m not really sure why victoria day is a holiday, i’m not complaining. in truth we don’t really have the luxury of having weekends off, but it does give us time to relax. so often i’m up really early and go to bed really late just taking care of things for other people so the weekends are reserved for us. work or not. yay to may long.

just in time for the long weekend i received my package from onepiece, the norwegian maker of ‘the original onesie’. i loved the idea of throwing on the jumpsuit and just lounging around, because often it’s what i have to sacrifice. we had a good laugh when i was trying it on for the first time with the zipper conveniently opening both ways and all the way through the hood. i opted out for the short version only because it’s coming on summer and my state of mind is nowhere near long sleeves. there are a ton of fun options on the onepiece site but black will always and forever have my heart.

the idea of the brand ‘built around the art of slacking’ got to me quick, even while taking the photos i started getting in the desired mood. i knew that fashion has a way of making you feel according to what you are wearing and those worked like a charm. nothing better than spending a sunday (or monday in my case) cocooned in my cozy onepiece getting up to absolutely nothing. hope you guys had a relaxing long weekend and now it’s time for another fun week filled with amazing projects. stay tuned. xoxo

wearing: onepiece fitted short jumpsuit, los angeles zip hoodie & smooch pant

Ania B One Piece--3Ania B One Piece--9Ania B One Piece--8

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