Ania B Smart Buy Glasses--6Ania B Smart Buy Glasses--17Ania B Smart Buy Glasses--4 Ania B Smart Buy Glasses--9Ania B Smart Buy Glasses--18 Ania B Smart Buy Glasses--7Ania B Smart Buy Glasses--13Ania B Smart Buy Glasses--16it’s been far too long, i know. work has consumed me, and i know what you’re thinking, if she’s blogging full time then isn’t this her job? but oh my! there is also a lot of logistical, organizational and planning work to be done, not to mention face time and meetings, social media and the most time consuming, answering e-mails. all parts of my job that i love but there is my excuse regardless. we have been shooting lot of new material, all to be released in the next week and with thousands of photos sitting on the hard drive someone has to go through it all, chose and edit, then post and promote. no wonder the blonde salad has a whole team behind her. the ultimate dream.

enough about the boring stuff though. i have been waiting to post these for a couple of days now and i’m finally here with a few hours to spare (yes, hours!) so what better way to spend it. we were just in vegas last week and in true ania + tyler style the first thing we did when we got off the plane was book it for the desert. i haven’t been to death valley in a few years and happy to report things haven’t changed much since we last visited. planning outfits for travel is so hard for me. i can never decide whether i should be dressing for the season or for the weather. obviously fashion always wins but thankfully in vegas it’s all one and the same at the moment. i do have to admit though that a suede skirt in the middle of a desert still proves challenging.

the most perfect accessory for travel, however… you guessed it, sunglasses. i’m gonna let in you on my favourite online shopping secret. other than being completely obsessed with all things céline (who isn’t?), smart buy glasses has become my one stop shop for all things sunnies related. they have the selection AND the price. so a no brainer. they also offer fast shipping options on select pairs for express delivery so you don’t actually have to wait to instagram yours. you can head over to born lippy to enter for a pair or your very own smart buy glasses. and don’t forget to check out their selection of céline *drool*! xoxo

wearing: céline sunnies, h&m top, zara skirt & sandals

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  1. Love the editorial stories you’ve been sharing lately, so very excited to see what comes of this hard drive full of content! Obviously staying tuned ;). xo

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