Ania B IGORA 10-if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that i’ve dyed my hair pretty much every colour under the sun… still holding out for the dream head of grey. my hair cut and colour is just as much of an accessory to my outfit as my bag. it can completely change my look and my mood. it’s important to mix things up and take risks with your hair – calculated risks of course. while i love changing it up on the regular, i know how time consuming a quality dye job can be and i definitely don’t have the time or patience to sit around in a salon chair and wait for the colour to work its magic. time is money! schwarzkopf professional IGORA COLOR10 promises to give you the professional permanent hair colour in just ten minutes, so when they asked me to go in and try out the product, i was intrigued.

i’ve been trying to go back to my natural colour for a while now (why i recently gave my hair the chop to help speed up the process), so i decided to give the IGORA COLOR10 a go. it comes in 25 intermixable shades. the stylist mixed a couple different shades of brown to get it as close to my roots as possible. she added in a blue toner to cancel out the red and deposited a little extra tones toward the end to balance everything out. it took ten minutes! the colour fully covered the mess that has become of my hair as of late, and even though we might have overestimated the shade, i am happy to be back to the dark side. all’s well that ends well, and just after a few washes the color is finally at the perfect shade. thank you salon fli for helping me feel like myself again.

HAIRschwarzkopf professional wants to give you an opportunity to experience IGORA COLOR10 with their ‘gift of time’ contest! visit to enter for the grand prize, valued at $1,500. you could walk  away with a personal chef for the day, a complimentary IGORA COLOR10 colour service for you plus a friend, $500 gift basket of schwarzkopf professional products and a $50 gift card to contest ends april 30th, so don’t waste any time (see what i did there?) and good luck. xoxo

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