Ania B Tibi San Francisco-Ania B Tibi San Francisco--17 Ania B Tibi San Francisco--14 Ania B Tibi San Francisco--2Ania B Tibi San Francisco-0459 Ania B Tibi San Francisco--10Ania B Tibi San Francisco--19 Ania B Tibi San Francisco--7 Ania B Tibi San Francisco-en route to la one can never miss a quick san francisco stopover. you realize you are in california pretty much immediately after getting off the plane. the california air has it’s own distinct feeling, something that i’ve attributed to happiness over our frequent visits. it’s true what they say about the sun, it really does make everything better. and what even better than to arrive at your hotel to a package from tibi. i’ve learned that packing light is essential, not because of convenience but for the simple reason that you… ahem! i pick up many treasures along the way. having said that, i suck at packing light. so naturally i always have a spare duffel on hand and some money saved to cover extra luggage costs with the airlines. i almost always get way ahead of myself and run out of even the extra space on the first few days away (flashback to our lisbon trip when i sent a box full of magazines and souvenirs on the first day there) what can i say, a girl gots to shop… and instagram… and blog. where clothes are concerned, i’d much rather have a duffel full of tibi than a few bucks in my pocket. and to celebrate i decked myself head to toe in this silk pin stripe set. fully ready for summer this outfit is a dream. it’s like if you love wearing pyjamas but you also want to kill it when you do. the pants hug at the ankles and shocker! are actually long enough, so an automatic 10 in my book. fashion always comes before comfort but in this case the two get married in a glorious combo of effortlessness. tibi does it every time. xoxo

wearing: tibi blazer, dress & pants, joe fresh flats

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  1. This outfit looks so comfortable! Love the touch of the slipper-y flats too. Very nice!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love the Tibi pieces sooo much! You look gorgeous as always

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