Ania B JOE FRESH CLUB MONACO--19Ania B JOE FRESH CLUB MONACO--5 Ania B JOE FRESH CLUB MONACO--2Ania B JOE FRESH CLUB MONACO--18Ania B JOE FRESH CLUB MONACO--13Ania B JOE FRESH CLUB MONACO--17trying to keep everything in a somewhat chronological order, even though i will totally have an la post in there that’s way back from january. we haven’t been posting much to the blog this week being away and all and to top it off sans wi-fi. we’re using the internet from our phones to tether to the laptop, which will really seem like a bad idea when we look at our phone bills i am sure, but a blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do. travelling this past two weeks has really put us in some amazing places. i can see how people get addicted to it. my problem, obviously is the shopping, when you get new stuff what are you supposed to do with it all if it doesn’t fit in your suitcase. la is so bad for that, there are things to covet everywhere, and the sun really helps you feeling good about it. as i’m teetering at the two extremes we are also working on some amazing projects out here that we can’t wait to share. i am sure you’ve seen some previews on instagram and snapchat (@ania_boniecka). keep watching. in the meantime, in the spirit of travel i want to leave you with a fun city quiz from farfecth, to get inspired for your next style destination. mine is copenhagen, where is yours? xoxo

wearing: joe fresh jacket, skirt & shoes, club monaco top

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  1. Kait Kucy says:

    Fun! I got New York City!

  2. I love how the rounded collars feminize this jacket!

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