from those bad hair days to the times you feel like you should spend more time with family, now is the time to do something about it. i fall into the everyday grind of being so busy that i often don’t have time to take care of myself or those around me. unfortunately sometimes moments of realization are the hardest. when i was approached to be part of the break up and move campaign it really resonated with me. it came at such a time in my life where i have been vowing to make bigger, more permanent changes. although rather serendipitous, it couldn’t be more timely.

2014 was a very important year for us professionally, as we created some amazing work, travelled to beautiful places and met interesting people. we are always grateful for all the opportunities that come our way and celebrate them. however, it was a year where i lost touch with my family. more than ever, i now realize that i will never get those moments back.

my dad passed away in january of this year. although throughout last year i kept telling myself that i would make more time and put in more effort, i always kept putting it aside, catas a project for later. i always thought that if anyone, my family will understand and be happy for me because i am pursuing the things that i love. though it may be too late to fix what i didn’t do in the past,  it’s now my time to nurture what i have and make sure i don’t have these regrets in the future.

i lost my dad, a man that i loved more than anything in this world, who i looked up to as an example of what a man should be, he who paved the way for all of these amazing opportunities and without him life will never be the same again. even though he is gone, i do still have the rest of my family and it’s the relationships with them that i aspire to make stronger. breaking up with working long hours and living an unbalanced lifestyle are at the top of my list. living so that you have no regrets doesn’t only apply to opportunities to better ourselves, but to also better the relationships with those around us to ensure we leave lasting impressions.

i’m able to share my stories with you using this blog as a platform.the calgary break up and move event is bringing a platform for those of you who don’t have this outlet. on wednesday march 11 at the university of calgary’s macewan hall at 12 pm, you’re all invited to come and share your stories with peers who, like us, want to inspire each other to put words into actions. learn how to break up with the bad things in your life and let in the good with a free yoga class and discussion with relationship and health experts. start carving your own path to positive change. xoxo

*EDIT* the event is now open to non-students, don’t be shy + sign up. the first step is always the hardest <3

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