it’s called a break up because it’s broken. the break up and move attitude is all about moving on from the things that are no longer working in our lives. 2015 is well under way but new years resolutions don’t always line up with the calendar. you can easily inspire change at any point in time. with spring just around the corner there are plenty of ways you can still work on improving those bad habits.

i got a head start on my own changes right before heading to la, just before new years. i have been trying to bring my hair to it’s healthy natural self for some time but with my line of work constant maintenance is necessary, i can’t just let it go and wear a hat for a year or two so colour has been making a regular appearance. my hair was also quite long and if i wanted to keep it that way it would take a long time before i ever saw my natural shade again. one day after all of the christmas madness was over i woke up from a nap and made a split decision. i called the hair salon and booked an appointment for that very same day. it was a very unemotional and impulsive decision as about 4-5 inches of hair fell to the ground that day, however,  i have fully embraced my short cut. i love the freedom it gives me and how easy it is to maintain. my hair feels healthier and my colour take less time to grow out. i might still dye it but i will make sure to always keep it at a level that is comfortable and easy to move on from.

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one of the resolutions both tyler and i made coming back from california was to start eating ‘better’. we want to eat better in the way that we want to listen to our bodies. i can read countless articles on better, cleaner diets that will clear my skin and help me lose those unwanted pounds but the one thing i found that always works best for me is to listen to my own body. in search go a cleaner lifestyle, we made a list of a few of our favourite dishes. surprisingly, some of these were created entirely by us. you must know by now that i’m no cook, but am definitely picky with what i eat. anything i make has to be painfully easy, but also equally delicious.

below is a simple dinner recipe inspired  not only by our friends and travels but also by it’s convenience. bon appétit!

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-baby spinach

-baby arugula

-tuna (albacore or ahi)

-2 avocados

-5 mandarin oranges

-soy sauce

-olive oil

-apple cider vinegar

-seasoning salt with garlic and peppers

-dried basil

-dried oregano

*thank you to for providing all the ingredients*

Break up + Move On1. pour some soy sauce on a plate, add seasoning salt, basil and oregano.

2. dip your tuna into the mix, making sure that all sides of the fish are covered. marinate overnight for better flavour. *tip: since albacore is cooked all the way through, cut it into smaller pieces so it cooks faster.

Break Up + Move On -4799Break Up + Move On -48453. toss baby spinach and baby arugula into a mid-sized salad bowl, add your favourite ingredients. make sure you don’t go overboard with any one in particular. we like mandarin oranges, walnuts, seeds and feta. i also recommend ripe avocados as they add a delicious creamy texture to just about anything.

4. toss the salad to mix evenly

5. for the homemade dressing, add equal parts water, apple cider and olive oil. you can also spice it up with a teaspoon of oregano, a pinch of salt and add half a teaspoon of sugar. for a full sized bowl of salad we find a tablespoon of each main ingredient is more than enough. be sure to prepare your salad and dressing separately and combine after the tuna has been cooked.

Break Up + Move On -49366. heat up olive oil in a frying pan at a high temperature until the oil sizzles.

7. place the tuna in the pan and let sear until your desired temperature is reached. we like to eat our ahi tuna as raw as possible so i only leave it on the pan for a few seconds before turning it over. to ensure all of the seasoning seeps into the fish press it firmly with a spatula.

8. voilà! serve and enjoy!

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