424 Fifth NYFW- 424 Fifth NYFW--4 424 Fifth NYFW--2 424 Fifth NYFW--8 424 Fifth NYFW--10424 Fifth NYFW--6when you’re in new york, surrounded by every possible new york cliche it’s hard not to feel like you are on a set of a movie. at any time you can be walking through times square and a flash mob of dancers will break out into song about love. it’s easy to get totally hooked on shooting with these yellow cabs and cross streets without waiting for the light. it’s equally as iconic stepping onto the streets of fifth avenue and walking through the front entrance of lord & taylor to get a sneak peek into the creation of their very own 424 fifth. not only did we get a first pick at the new spring collection but we also got a little taste of what is to come for next fall, a real treat in the making. the entire team is so hands on with every part of the design process the inspiration bounces off the walls. the weather in new york set us back a little with how we could shoot. spring definitely became harder to replicate. thankfully there’s always layers but i simply could not refuse that white box blouse. in my never ending search for a white blouse i have never found one that fit and felt as good. something about the cut makes the fabric fall in unexpected perfection. and to add fuel to the fire i’m totally obsessed with pleats right now, couldn’t ask for a better pairing. running from show to show, the whole look down to the combat boots makes me feel like for a second maybe, i could sacrifice the year round sun and even stampede for a happier life on the east coast. then again we can always get a piece (or two) of new york at our very own hudson’s bay. xoxo

wearing: 424 fifth trench, shirt & skirt, aldo boots, céline sunnies & proenza schouler bag

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  1. Beautiful Sunglasses!! Really Like it!!

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